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  • I really like the votio plugin and I’ve started using it at However, now my site doesn’t validate any more. Since I don’t know coding, could anyone help me on this?

    One error says:
    ‘Line 207, column 142: character “;” not allowed in attribute specification list’

    I’m wondering if I can change the “;” to a “,” and have it work (and validate).

    Another of the errors has to do with missing ‘alt’ tags, but looking through the plugin file, everywhere it has “img src” I’ve made sure there’s an ‘alt’ code in there – I just don’t know how to add it for this code:
    ‘…mouseover=”votio_hover(‘star_223’,1)”; onmouseout=”votio_unhover(‘star_223′,1’

    Same with the closing “/” tag:
    Line 207, column 143: end tag for “img” omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

    …ouseover=”votio_hover(‘star_223’,1)”; onmouseout=”votio_unhover(‘star_223’,1)

    You may have neglected to close a tag, or perhaps you meant to “self-close” a tag; that is, ending it with “/>” instead of “>”.

    Line 207, column 0: start tag was here

    <img src=”” id=”st

    Line 207, column 368: character “;” not allowed in attribute specification list

    …mouseover=”votio_hover(‘star_223’,2)”; onmouseout=”votio_unhover(‘star_223’,2


    Line 207, column 369: end tag for “img” omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

    …ouseover=”votio_hover(‘star_223’,2)”; onmouseout=”votio_unhover(‘star_223′,2)’

    Any suggestions on how I can fix it? Thanks.

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  • The error is here:


    Change that to


    and things will improve. The ; is the terminator for the “onmouseout”, and needs to be inside the quotes. The validator gets confused by that, which is why you’re getting the error about the alt attribute and the missing end tag.

    Thanks so much LesBessant – that worked perfectly, everything’s valid now *woohoo*.

    I can’t get it to work.

    Update:The biggest impediment to my progress is my own self!! Yeesh. I had the code in the right place, but when I specified my categories in the votio.php file, I forgot that things are Case-Sensitive! In my quest to keep things neat, tidy and uniform in the votio.php file, I typed

    'polls' instead of 'Polls'

    I can’t even see mine.

    I have installed votio.php in my wordpress plugins page, activated. I put the correct code into my sidebar, and created a post category specifically for it. Even named it ‘FFAF’ so that I wouldn’t have to change any of the existing coding. But, for some reason, after I have made a post in that category, it’s not showing up where the votio script is. It just shows up with the rest of my blog posts.

    Currently, I have it coded as:


    <li><?php votio_ballot_box(); ?></li>

    But, it’s not appearing. The “Vote” headline is, but not the actual code. So, what do you think is the issue?

    I will continue to play with it, but I am unsure what more I can do, not being a php-coder, and following your directions to a ‘T.’ What do you suggest? <– link to my WP where the vote script is.


    You need to put in the html for the box to show up, e.g., [div class=”votio”]Wrestling Thing to Vote for[/div]. I’m assuming you added his CSS code to your stylesheet.

    The actual votio php code goes somewhere else, not where you want them to vote. I put mine after [?php the_content(‘Read the rest of this entry »’); ?] and then, in that one spot in your main php file, after that you just have the [?php votio_ballot_box(); ?] code.

    So if you want it after the pic of your wrestler guy, put in your code and then put the div code I have above, and make sure you post it in the category you chose to have the voting in.

    [In case it’s not obvious, I changed all the “<” codes to “[” so the code would show.]

    Maybe I’m not being clear here.

    In your main template put the [?php votio_ballot_box(); ?] code after [?php the_content(‘Read the rest of this entry »’); ?] and don’t touch it again.

    Then make a post in the voting category you chose, and after your post type in [div class=”votio”]Rate guy here[/div].

    I have installed this and get the voting box, but nothing happens when I click on it or mouseover it?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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