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  • I’m wondering if there’s any plugin that could allow me to insert the ability for registered users or guests to vote Yes or No in response to a question in a post, and display the results of the vote (the number of votes for each).

    It seems like there are a couple of plugin options where this might be possible, like WP-Polls, but I’d like to post quite a few of these questions every day, and it would get very tedious to create the same poll over and over again and have to manually insert it in each post. It would be great if I could create a poll template and have it automatically inserted at the end of each post. Unfortunately I’m sure that if I just created one poll and inserted it into every post, it would display the aggregated results from every post.

    Basically I guess I’m looking for a plugin that emulates the “Was this article helpful? Yes or No” functionality found in Help Centers and content management systems. If anybody knows if something like this would be possible to do in WordPress, please let me know! Thanks in advance.

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  • One thing you might look into are post rating plugins. Many of them have a standard 1 through 5 star type of thing, but I am sure some of them can be customized to do what you need. They generally do what you need in terms of adding themselves to every post, and keeping track of the rating for each. Perhaps one has a simple yes/no option. I have not worked with any myself.

    Vote It Up plugin can match what you described. You may wish to modify it from “Vote Up” and “Vote Down” —-> change to “Was this helpful YES” and “No”.

    Also, check out WP 2.7 the upgrade which is about to be released. Automattic the company behind WordPress.COM is affiliated with Poll Daddy now. PD is a company that makes inserting polls in every blog post, much easier. It’s going to be integrated more with WP, probably.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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