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  • dpkonofa


    So I’ve searched around quite a bit and can’t seem to find a plugin that I’m looking for. I need to be able to specify some posts from a certain group or category and allow voting for 1 post from that group.

    I’ve got 2 sites that will make use of it (examples):
    Each week, we highlight a specific type of software (games, illustration, productivity, etc.) and people get to vote on which piece of software from that group is their favorite. Ideally, they would only be able to vote once per group per IP but they’d be able to come back each week and vote on the latest groupings. If possible, I’d also like a widget that can pull the images from those posts (we’ll always have the same number of items in the groups) and display their current score and allow people to click to view the details of that program and vote.

    The second site would be similar except that it would allow people to vote for their favorite local restaurants and similar things. This could also be extended into an American Idol type of thing where people vote on their favorite person out of a top 10 and it shows the current scores.

    I’ve tried several different ratings plugins (including GDStar and PostVote) and none of them allow you to vote on just 1 post/item per group. Does something like this exist or could I edit something to serve for the same functions??


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