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  • I thought I would share what I’ve done so far. I like the way you’ve done some of your code, it’s easy to read. I wanted to be able to have my users vote once per day. I edited the cardozawppoll.php and changed the $lock_by = $option_value[‘poll_lock’]; section to

    $lock_by = $option_value['poll_lock'];
    if(empty($lock_by)) $lock_by = 'cookies';
    if($lock_by == 'cookies'){
    	$today_date = date("Ymd");
    	$status = $cwp->getPollIPLogged($poll->id);
    	foreach($status as $status_piece){
    		$polldates[] = $status_piece->polledtime;
    		$most_recent_polldate = max($polldates);
    		$checktime = date("Ymd", $most_recent_polldate);
    		if($today_date - $checktime > 0){
    			showPollFormSC($vars, $polldates);
    			toggleResultsVotes($poll->id, $vars);
    		else displayPollResults($vars);
    	elseif(isset($_COOKIE['cwppoll'.$poll->id])) displayPollResults($vars);
    		showPollFormSC($vars, $polldates);
    		toggleResultsVotes($poll->id, $vars);

    Since the ip address and timestamp was already being recorded in the database I just used your existing code to pull the timestamp, compare it to today’s date and if the difference is greater than zero to let the user vote. If that isn’t the case then it runs the existing conditionals.

    I only applied it to when we are locking by cookies because of my voting requirements (and honestly it will still compare the ip address to get the timestamp so it would make more sense in the ip address section but at least you get the idea) and it could very easily be adapted.

    I would appreciate it if you could tear my code apart and tell me what I could do better, I’m only an intermediate (arguable to novice I suppose) when it comes to php.

    Also I have only done limited testing. If it breaks…. sorry.

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