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    Ref: Free version

    A user can vote on the same picture as many times he wants!
    Clicking 10 times on the stars of a picture, increments the vote counter by 10.

    And I cannot check the “Check by IP”.


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  • Hi,

    the IP is checked but most limit voting options are available in the PRO version.
    “One vote per category” is available in normal version:

    “One vote per picture” and others only in PRO version.


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    Thanks for your very quick replay.

    It seems that the IP is never checked: Staying on the same screen, I can click many times on a picture, and the score is increasing.
    See a video of this ⇒ Many consecutive votes from same IP
    You may test yourself ⇒ Page to test votes

    Yes you can vote from same ip as much as you want if voting is not limited.
    You can see every vote with every ip for every image in Images Area “Show votes”:


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    Hi Wasiliy,

    I know where to see the votes count, but I don’t want to manually remove duplicate IPs.

    I am sorry, but I think your plugging (the free one) is useless if we cannot limit a single vote per IP per image (“One vote per picture” option should be in the free version).

    “One vote per category” is for choosing a picture within a category. My goal is to rate individual pictures to know if a picture is loved or not (regardless of other pictures). Category is just an information.

    Best regards,

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