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  • Hello everyone,
    I have a somewhat silly question to ask 🙂 I am looking for a person (or persons) who would put a website I designed to WordPress. I am a total newbie in this matter and doing this myself would take me couple of months probably. I need someone to make it sooner…
    The site is for a non-profit educational organisation in Poland which I helped to found and directed for the first two years. I am now doing something else, but still help it as much as I can. We are in need for a new, usable website, and since we’re running almost exclusively on volunteer or low-paid work, I decided to ask you for help.
    If you know WordPress inside out and want a nice site to have in your portfolio, we’d be very grateful for help. What we need: essentially a template according to our project. It is not the simplest of websites, but in fact only a few pages would be truly dynamic, most of them would be just Pages.

    Our current site: (I am truly embarrassed I once approved and actually paid for this design).
    The proposed redesign (this is just a front page, and tested only in Firefox 1.5 and Opera 8.5 on Windows and Linux, but this is enough I think to let you jugde the amount of work required): (all the texts are in Polish; also, please note that the footer is not finished yet, but this is irrelevant to the question here).

    If you need more info, with intended site structure etc., please send me an email to yotiao at; I can also quickly prepare an English version of the site.

    And yes, I know it is very naive from my side, but I’ve put lots of effort to this project already and I’m having fun doing this, so I hope I will not be alone 🙂


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  • 1. I know Russian, I uderstand a bit of Polish.
    2. I like hacking
    3. I run a server off of my computer (port 80’s closed, so I’m the only one accessing it
    4. I like nonprofit organizations.

    Looks like I’m set. I’ll give it a try. I certainly don’t guarantee I’ll have success, but there aren’t many people that will do things for free. E-mail coming your way soon.

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