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  1. lbbarbosa
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hey guys, I'm a software developer and have recently started a new open source project called bugHunt.

    Project's site: http://bughunt.sourceforge.net

    I am using Word Press to manage project content and would like to ask if anyone is interested in help. I need right now a new theme for the site, that gives identity to the project! Of course this new theme would be free as well - after all, the project is open-source.
    Also, the theme developer will have it's name and picture(if he wants to) in the project's team page as a contributor.

    So please, if anyone is interested in helping, contact me!

    Thanks a lot!

    PS. Visit the project page for more info about it...

  2. drmike
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Can't provide custom work but have you reviewed http://themes.wordpress.net for a theme? Should be fairly easy to change the header image for one for your project.


  3. lbbarbosa
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Yeah! There are some really nice layouts. But even though I choose to customize one, It'd be nice to have someone from this area - [web]design - to develop that image and other custom things. As I am too far from being someone who can make anything look beautiful, I came here to see if anybody is interested.

    Anyway, thanks for the answer!

    Let's see if anybody else drop by.

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