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    currently if a user is recording a voice message the playback speed is normal until around 50% and then the speed goes up to 2x. That’s confusing. Is there a way you can fix that?


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    Hi there!

    There is no such issue with the voice messages, it recording and plays the voice messages at normal speed.


    On my site, one user reported the same issue recently. On her iphone. Reset phone, cleared cache, etc etc. Issue remained. Now using different phone, no issue.

    Plugin Author wordplus


    @michaelabf which phone was that?

    I will get exact details and post it here.

    The phone with double-speed playback issue:

    Xiaomi 11t Pro (Chrome browser)

    User switched to tablet, no issues:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) (Chrome browser)


    Note: the double-speed playback only happened on longer voice-messages of at least 20 seconds or more, and only near the end of the message. On short messages there was no issue.

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    @wordplus Can you take a look at this bug? As more and more users are reporting this issue?

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    @danielstooss Cant reproduce this at my devices and cant see anything wrong in code. Not sure what can I do in this case. Its probably some bug in device itself.

    I tried reproduce with OnePlus 7T Pro on Android 12. I tried to reproduce with android emulators based on android 10, 11. And all they works just fine.

    Until I find a way to reproduce I cant find the issue (if the issue is on plugin side)

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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