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  • rtech


    Nice site. I like that there are many posts. I can’t read italian but I recognize many DJ’s/producers on there.

    Thoughts about your site:
    The background seems like it could be more graphic though… and maybe with more color? Silver or metallic and texture/image. Also the meta widget could maybe be changed out for “tags”, “categories”, or another widget. And an email “contact” link would be good. Finally, the top slideshow is very cool feature, but how much does it add to the experience of the site?

    I just went through all these same questions building my WP site the past month. It’s a site is for a releasing my music. Some of the music is trance on it. if you want to check it out:

    Thanks rtech for your post.

    The site is slightly evolving, for the moment i’m trying to improve the content.
    Soon i’ll put some widget, problably a tag cloud o something about categories (any suggestions?).

    Personally i like the slideshow, it gives some action inside the site. Otherwise it will be too static for my taste.

    I have to think about the background, maybe i will change it, but basically i’d like to leave the focus on the articles and the images, so it will be something simple and not invasive.

    I’ve heard some of your songs, not bad, but onestly they seem more “industrial” style than trance 😉



    Took another look at your site and based on what you said, I think it’s pretty cool and definitely works. The slideshow does give it some action. Makes me wish I knew how to read italian though. 🙂

    For adding to your sidebar widgets, I recommend a plugin called “social media widget”. You can see it at the bottom right of my site. And a tag cloud would be great for your style of site.

    Yeah, I’m heavily industrial influenced. The trance tracks on there are on album 1, tracks 3 and 7 and album 2, tracks 7 and 9. Kinda old skool though… made them many years ago.

    Happy to see you’re writing about music/trance. There’s not too many good blogs on the web talking about this kind of thing. And it looks like you’re putting a lot into it which is great too.

    No idea about the text, can’t understand anything, however here’s some feedback about your blog in general.

    1) I would suggest you to populate your sidebar a bit, it kind of looks empty. Perhaps a few of your recent or popular posts, some social buttons etc. would look good there.

    2) Make the logo clickable and link it with the homepage, that way the navigation back to the homepage becomes easy.

    3) Would definitely suggest some facebook share and tweeter buttons on the posts, on blogs like this, social media helps a lot to bring visitors,

    overall it is a good blog, keep it updated.

    Thank you guys!

    I answer to both of you:

    1) I’m sorry you can’t read italian, but this site is made for italian visitors. Anyway, at the moment the articles are news about new songs, concerts, radioshows and so on, pages are biographies of vocal trance’s artists.

    2) Yes, i know there are few good blogs and sites about trance and vocal trance.
    I think I’m the first italian site, in Italy this music genre is not so popular, and there isn’t a site for the few italian trance lovers.

    3) Clickable logo: nice idea!! 😉

    4) yes, i have to populate the side bar & connect with social networks: i was looking for some good plugins but is not so easy to found them (IMHO, a wordpress’ weak point is how plug-ins are described, voted and cotegorized.With Joomla plug-ins are well described and categorized, you can easily found what are you looking for!!)
    What are you using for this pourposes?



    The “social media widget” plugin for the sidebar is a good one.

    Here are the social plugins i would suggest:

    1) digg digg – just search it in the plugins option, this is an excellent plugin, am using this one on my blog.

    2) sexy bookmarks – this is a web2.0 style plugin for social media buttons, am using this one as well.

    3) on the sidebar you can use the twitter and facebook widgets, that way you can get more facebook fans and twitter followers. Also, try getting your blog, it’s facebook fan page, if you haven’t already,


    Ok, I populated the sidebar with some widget: Facebook, Lastfm & Youtube.
    I’ll try digg & Sexy bookmarks.

    I’m not sure about twitter…is not so popular here in Italy, but there’s a lot of space in the social widget…uhmmmm i’ll think about it…

    I’ve a facebook account but I haven’t a Facebook page… there’s a widget for account’s friend or just for page fans?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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