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  • Yes, that is normal because async does what async should do and loads CSS deferred. This behaviour can be watched by yourself if you request your page with empty browser cache. That’s why async for CSS is no good idea.

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    Thanks @serpentdriver

    But to have the critical css, it is mandatory to use async… how to do?

    I’m trying to get the 3 core web vital ok. It seems very difficult even with a plugin like litespeed…

    I don’t know if your understanding about critical css is complete. Critical CSS is the CSS that is needed to format the area above the fold. Problem with CSS is that it must be rendered before something can be displayed and that causes a delay. The bigger the CSS file is the longer is the delay. To prevent this delay, CSS for the area above the fold should be defined in HTML header instead of CSS files. This is faster than to load from CSS file and Pagespeed honors this. All other CSS for below the fold has a lower priority and can be loaded asynchron. I am not completely sure and should be answered by plugin support, but if there is a too long CLS it should be examined by plugin support.

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    Thank you for your response.

    i understand what critical css is for and how it works.

    What is not normal is that it increases the CLS.

    There must be a problem in the plugin settings.

    This point is very important, we can no longer ignore it.

    What is not normal is that it increases the CLS

    No, if a static source like CSS is loaded asynchron it causes a delay or a shift of content. This is the nature of asynchron loading.

    Anyway, wait for plugin support to get a detailed answer.

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    The purpose of the critical css is to allow to get rid of the long CLS by loading well above the line.

    I will wait, no problem

    Plugin Support qtwrk



    you can try to set CCSS generation to foreground , it could help

    Best regards,

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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