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    I am using a Visualizer “table” to display a staff directory and the page with the Visualizer table is the only one on my site (desktop, not mobile) that has a problem with the menu drop-downs. The problem is once the page with the Visualizer table is loaded/displayed, the menu dropdowns do not work properly. Upon hover, the dropdown menus do drop down but as soon as the user moves their cursor to try to click a sub menu option, the dropdown immediately snaps closed – too quickly for a user to move their cursor down to click a sub menu option. So, the Visualizer table is effectively keeping my desktop users from navigating away from that page to via any option contained in a dropdown menu.

    I’m using Visualizer plugin version 3.7.5.

    My site is not launched yet so link provided is a bypass link (bypasses the Coming Soon page). Once your are at the Home page, navigate to Our Firm > Firm Directory.

    By the way, another support thread was posted about this same problem a few months ago but the poster never responded to your request for feedback and the thread was marked resolved. However, that issue was not resolved because I went to their website and easily reproduced the problem. Here is their site:

    Any help on a resolution would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @rvconnelly,

    Thanks for choosing Visualizer!

    I checked the page you mentioned, but I can’t see the issue. The submenu dropdowns open properly and they stay opened as I hover over the options – screencast. Do you still encounter this issue?

    Thank you!

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    Hi luciamarinescu,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, the problem is still occurring. Upon additional testing, the user must go from the home page to some other page and then bring up the page containing the Visualizer table – in this case a staff directory.

    So, for example, from the Home page, go to Our Firm > About Us. Then, after viewing the About Us page, go to Our Firm > Firm Directory. You will then encounter the dropdown menu problem where the dropdowns snap closed before you can select an option in the dropdown list.

    To further complicate the issue, from there, if the user then goes to a non-dropdown menu item like the “Contact Us” page (menu item link on far right side of main menu) and then goes back to the “Firm Directory” page (containing the Visualizer table) the problem is intermittent. But in numerous cases in my testing, the Visualizer table then takes an extremely long time to render and the dropdown problem re-occurs. I’m wondering if the cause of the long delay in the Visualizer table rendering is possibly related to why the menu dropdowns are affected.

    I can easily reproduce the problem as described above using Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

    Here is a screencast of the problem being reproduced on my website.

    BTW, here is a screencast showing the problem still occurring on the other website which was reported in a separate support post showing a similar problem but triggered with a different sequence.

    Thanks again for any resolution to this problem. The reality is, the user will often go to some other page on my website before going to the Firm Directory. And that sequence will trigger the problem with the menu dropdowns which appears to be caused somehow by the Visualizer table being loaded.

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    Hi @rvconnelly!

    I’ve tried to replicate this on your site with different sequences, but the dropdowns always stay opened for me. Here is a screencast from Chrome with the sequence you mentioned and the behavior is the same for me on Firefox. Regarding the chart not appearing immediately after the page loads, this depends on many factors and it’s not really something we can control, but that table from your site appears almost immediately for me, as you can see in that screencast. Could you try to check your site from another device and see if the issue persists?

    Best regards!

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    Hi luciamarinescu,

    Yes, I was able to reproduce the problem on my wife’s laptop, although it seemed to be more intermittent. I still have not figured out the exact sequence of events required to trigger this problem but I suspect that scrolling down when viewing the Firm Directory page is relevant to triggering it.

    With that in mind, if you bring up my website on a mobile device and then go to the Firm Directory, the Visualizer table (the table containing the list of employees) usually does not display at all until the user scrolls down (swipes up). This was the case with both Firefox and Safari on my iPhone. (I cleared cache and cookies and it still occurs.) I was also able to reproduce this problem using the Inspect tool (simulating a mobile device) in Chrome’s Dev Tools.

    I realize these could be two completely separate issues but both problems seem to be tied to scrolling down on the page with the Visualizer component which is why I mention it here.

    Let me know if you want me to create a separate post for the mobile device issue, OR, if you cannot reproduce this problem either, we can just wait until this website gets launched and I will let you know if these problems are still occurring. I say that because now I am wondering if there is any relevance to the fact that this website has not been launched yet. Its sitting behind a Coming Soon page via the plugin “CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin” by NiteoThemes.

    Regardless of the cause, if these two problems continue to happen once the site is launched, I will need to search for an alternative firm directory solution. That would be a shame because the Visualizer table is a great option both functionally and aesthetically.

    Thanks for your time on this!

    Hello @luciamarinescu,

    I would like to share that I experience the same problem with this plugin.
    On the pages, where I use shortcodes of the plugin, the dropdowns inside my navigation menu don’t work. The same scenario as in @rvconnelly’s case.

    Both Plugin and WordPress are updated to the latest versions.
    I use WPBakery builder.

    Looking forward to a solution.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi there,

    Could you guys try to turn off lazy-loading for the charts (it’s enabled by default) if it changes the behavior?

    We were still not able to replicate this so it’s a bit hard to debug the issue only from the screencast, unfortunately.

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    Thanks @bvytis,

    I turned off lazy loading for my table/chart as you suggested and it seems to have resolved both issues. Dropdown menus now work correctly “consistently” on desktop and there is no longer a need to swipe down on mobile to get the chart to display.

    Thank you!



    Hello @rvconnelly,

    Awesome! I’m glad we could make it work in the end.

    Thank you too for confirming and have an amazing day!

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