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  • So I just re-installed my WP (2.6) after loosing all my server data (but that’s another sad story) now I just found out that when I want to make a new post the visual editor is selected but showing the HTML tools, and when trying to go to HTML it wont load the tools.

    The page also prompts an error on line 4 file post-new.php

    I even downloaded the whole WP and replace this file but nothing changes. I’ve been looking for someone with the same problem but nothing… I also use FF and IE8 and both show the same problem.

    The post-new.php file from the past version (2.5) has a little difference at the start of the code.

    Insted of:


    now it shows:


    I dont know where the problem is so here is a screen shot from what I see.

    Thanks in advance

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  • I’m having the same problem. Could some one help us, please.

    Thank you very much.

    Did you guys use WP-Automatic Upgrade when you upgraded to 2.6? Curious…

    No, I din’t use Automatic Upgrade. I did it myself, I made the backup of database and files, I deleted all the files except those that don’t have to be deleted, and I uploaded everything through FTP.

    That’s very strange. Can you post exactly what is on line 4, column 1 of post-new.php?

    I did use Automatic Upgrade

    Is that the problem? and how can I fix it?

    Can you restore your backup? If so, just do that and then upgrade manually.

    WordPress 2.6. I’ve performed everything from editing the tiny_mcs_config.php file

    For others coming across the same error with version 2.51,
    Edit the following file: yoursite/wp-includes/js/tinymce/tiny_mce_config.php
    First, comment out (by instering // before the code) while ( @ob_end_clean() ); at around line 13. It is immediately preceded by // Discard any buffers
    Then, search for "compress" until you find 'compress' => true and change the "true" to "false.
    If you have the same problem with version 2.5, you only need to worry about the compression setting.

    to install TinyMCE advanced. I cannot get the Visual TAB to work at all on WP 2.6. Yes “Use the visual editor when writing” is selected in my personal options.

    1 more thing. This is a fresh install of 2.6 no upgrade.

    Any suggestions?

    I’m stymied. What version of PHP and MySQL are you using? When I moved to a server with version 5+ of both, various little things that were annoying went away, like the http upload error.

    Have you looked in your error logs?

    Just curious, what browser are you all using, and have you tried it in another one?

    EDIT: Just reread the first post, and it’s specified.

    Have the same prob, upload new wp and new dB still not helping

    Im using FF

    Had the same problem but I fixed it by restoring data from a known working set. I noticed while using WPMU that I can switch to a one of my “test” blogs and the TinyMCE editor works great. This uses all of same files, including the same template files with the exception of a different plugins.

    Not sure if that helps but it looks like a conflict with another plugin.

    Have the same problem, any progress from someone to solve it?

    it has to be one of two things.
    1 – The thickbox.js file is not being loaded, most likely the <script src=” tag in the header is calling the wrong file (i.e. path error) or;

    2 – There is a syntax error in the javascript. have you messed with the source on either of these files?

    With the error you are getting, it is a java script error, so the php is executing. what build of WP are you using???


    Hey Donovan do you know how the js should look and where to find it? and Im using WP 2.6

    Thanks for the hint

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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