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Visual vs. HTML editing in 2.8

  • I couldn’t find a way to ‘search’ this board to see if this has been addressed! 4,298 pages is a little much to browse…

    I upgraded to 2.8.

    In one of my blogs, when you are typing in the editor, near top right there is a choice between ‘visual’ and ‘html’. This is important because the ‘visual’ lets clients ‘paste’ in wysiwyg content from word/openoffice and most of the formatting stays. In another blog this doesn’t exist at all. I’ve gone through various settings pages trying to figure out why. I re-installed 2.8 for the third time, completely fresh and it’s still not there.

    Any ideas? Thanks so much.


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  • Have you tried looking under your account settings? When you login to the dashboard, click on the “Users” panel and check to see if you have the option selected that says “Disable visual editor when writing”

    That option is available for everyone who has an account on a WP site, so even if it’s disabled for you it doesn’t mean it will be disabled for the other users.

    OK so after going through settings in MANY other areas including those for THE EDITOR, I did not know there was a setting in my user profile (and in that of the author I was trying to walk through this) that caused this. Yes, you’re right, that was it. Magically that also fixed the broken “image upload” problem; now that works. Thank you!!!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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