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    Not sure where to begin, been looking at the forum help and am totally confused. One person says to deactivate/delete all plugins, another says reload, another says clean cache and reload, however nothing works. On my plugin page I do see the following “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpcf7_admin_url() in /home/content/93/6743893/html/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7-campaignmonitor-addon/cf7-campaignmonitor.php on line 275” but in checking this is an inactive plugin. I’m apprehensive at going behind the curtain and changing code or whatever it’s called, but with the right instructions, I’ll do my best. Please help.
    My site is

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  • 1. You MUST use FTP or your hosts CPanel.
    2. Navigate to the “wp-content/plugins” directory.
    3. Once there, delete the “contact-form-7-campaignmonitor-addon” folder.

    YES.. this WILL delete the plugin and all of it’s associated files.

    YES… this is the ONLY way of doing this properly.

    4. Once you delete the folder (make SURE it’s the only folder you delete), you will regain access to the WP admin panel.

    Josh, thanks for the quick response. Now,I’m really going to show how ignorant I am about this stuff. This site is hosted at GoDaddy, and I think they do not use a CPanel; is that right? If that is right then I must use FTP; is that right? I suppose an FTP site like Filezilla is OK. Will it be obvious once I gain access through the FTP?

    I’m not sure. I stay away from GoDaddy like it’s the plague!!

    Just me though.. doesn’t mean everyone has the same experiences 😉

    I would just call them. Tell the CSR what your problem is, and refer him to my instructions above.

    I’m sure they deal with it on a regular basis.

    Just tell them you need a folder deleted from your wordpress installation.

    Thanks again Josh. I’ll give them a call and see what happens.

    K… lemme know, please.

    OK Josh…you are the man! That did fix my plugin issue. Can you provide some similar insight to make my Visual toolbar return? It’s just blank. The HTML toolbar is intact, but the Visual is absent. I’ve checked both post and pages, but it has disappeared. Guidance please.

    Ummm… go to your user profile “users -> profiles”.

    Select the profile you use to login, and click “edit”.

    On the next screen… make sure you don’t have the option enabled to “hide visual toolbar”.

    OK wizard…that’s not it. What else is in your bag of tricks?

    You’re gonna have to de-activate ALL… yes I said, ALL… of your plugins.

    Then, go back and see if the visual editor restores. You might have to refresh your browser and empty any cache before seeing changes.

    If it doesn’t restore… Houston… we have a problem.

    If it does restore… begin going back and re-enabling your plugins a few at a time… checking the visual editor in between to see if it “breaks” again.

    We are trying to find a “faulty” plugin which is causing the visual editor to not load properly.

    OK…I’m on it and will let you know the results.

    Hey Josh…with your help I found the little varmint. The toolbar showed up as soon as I deactivated the troublesome plugin. Thank you so very much for your patience and expertise. You really are THE MAN!

    Haha… More! More!! 😉

    Thanks for letting me know it worked.

    Have a charmed evening!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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