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  • HELP I’m getting close to a Solution but still need some help… The WordPress Visual & Text Editor Tabs are not showing (Visible).
    This has been a problem for me for over 1 yr. I am using the Hestia Childtheme & Parent Theme… I have tried all the conventional steps,
    for example,

    -emptied caches
    -deactivated plugins
    -changed themes
    -added define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false ); to wp-config.php
    -added new User account…
    -Also under the User profile page removed the Checkmark from the “Disable the visual editor when writing” box
    -Tried different browsers
    -Used the Health Check plugin
    -reinstalled the Default TinyMCE plugin
    -Checked for Log errors with my Host (Hostgator) who updated the Php.ini file
    -Did a WP_Debug

    Nothing has worked yet Then I stumbled across this article but the guy has not explained in detail (OR SIMPLE EVERYDAY LANGUAGE)
    what he says is a Fix (solution) and how to implement it.

    Check out the full article here:

    I went to my WordPress Dashboard on my site opened the Google Chrome developer tools then went to “Add a new page” and looked to see if the same code was missing he spoke about in the article AND IT WAS MISSING. See code below:

    <div id=”wp-content-editor-tools” class=”wp-editor-tools hide-if-no-js”>

    Could This be the reason why the Visual & Text Editor Tabs are not showing?

    Could the fix be as simple as adding this CSS code?

    In the article he says :
    “I forgot to add the solution. Turns out for some reason my php.ini dropped the apc segmentation and thus my entire server got
    fragmented and it would break JavaScript”.

    Here’s where I get lost how do you fix the… “php.ini dropped the apc segmentation”. What the heck is that? and he still
    doesn’t seem to say how to fix it unless he is insinuating or suggesting by adding the missing code it would fix everything
    (the Visual & Text Editor Tabs not showing) Help, this is driving me nuts…

    Note: I checked my good working website to do a comparison as he did and the code was there.

    AGAIN, Could This be the reason why the Visual & Text Editor Tabs are not showing? and how exactly can I fix it can someone out there put it in easy to understand language no technical term please (as much as possible)?

    I have 2 websites I’ve been toying with for over 1 year now in my spare time and there is always something new to put the
    breaks on creating it. According to Youtube building a WordPress Website is Quick and easy LOL… anybody remembers being a Newbie lol…

    I am by no means a developer I just have been learning as I go along out of necessity so if anyone out there can help
    me I would so very much appreciate it, Thanks in advance.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Here’s where I get lost how do you fix the… “php.ini dropped the apc segmentation”. What the heck is that?

    You need to ask your hosting provider to enable apc segment in php.ini.

    Thanks paulwpxp, I contacted Hostgator (my hosting provider) and was told because I’m on a shared server they could not enable apc segment in php.ini. I don’t know how true that is because the guy that told me that didn’t seem sure and said he got that info from his supervisor. So I ask you should they be able to do this on a shared server? Thanks again in advance and thanks for the quick response.

    Hi vtrav, I’m thinking Hostgator is a big hosting company, has been in the business for a long time, it hosts lot of WP sites, so it’s not likely server setting is the issue here otherwise there’d be lot of customer complaints. I suggest let’s forget that post from stackexchange for now, and try thing that you didn’t mention in your OP. If your site is new, not many traffic yet, I’d reinstall WP manually and see what happen, before doing that please make a complete site backup first (which we should do periodically anyway). Or create a subdomain of your site and install a new separate WP installation there without plugins, and see if it has the same problem, this will rule out if it’s the server settings problem or not.

    paulwpxp I just literally finished reinstalling WordPress manually thru the Control Panel File Manager & Nothing… The Visual & Text Editor Tabs are still not showing for this Website.

    Let me mention this which may give you some clues or ideas.

    – This problem of “No Visual & Text Editor Tabs” only seems to happen when using this
    Laptop & particular Website combination.

    – If I use this very same Laptop on any other website I have no problem, the Visual &
    Text editor works fine.

    I’m totally baffled as to why the laptop & this particular Website combination doesn’t work together. Yet the laptop visual & text editor works fine on other sites which seems to rule out something being wrong with the laptop.

    And as far as this particular Website well it works fine also as long as I use another device (laptop-PC-Tablet etc.) then I have no problem with the editor.

    The same identical thing happened to me on a completely Different laptop & Different website last year that’s why this is eating away at me I’m thinking it has to be a bug during the download process that won’t allow the editor and site to properly communicate.

    The only similarities seem to be that whatever device I downloaded the WordPress on initially it somehow causes a conflict with that particular device & that particular Website.

    Thanks again if you can think of anything further I listening.

    That’s impressive what you’ve done, so now we know it’s not WP nor server.

    And as far as this particular Website well it works fine also as long as I use another device (laptop-PC-Tablet etc.) then I have no problem with the editor.

    At the moment, I’m puzzled too. Now the last suspect is whatever in that laptop. Things like Antivirus, Browser, ect. which I honestly don’t know how that’d relate to this.

    Hey paulwpxp, thanks for everything… I have to go back to that article I referred you to in the beginning and you suggested to put aside for the moment… I went to a Good working Website of mine that I own to do an experiment. After going to the WP Dashboard I right clicked on the area where the Visual & Text editor Tabs are working fine and did an inspect with the Dev Tools and saw the Code the guy referred to in the original article… I did the same thing on “my other site where the problem is” and the Code in the article was not there…

    So the question becomes – If I add that string of Code in the place where it is missing do you think it would fix the problem and how and where would I insert it?

    Here’s the original Article again,

    That code is not to be put manually, it’s automatically output by WP.

    Of all the things you’ve done, have you tried checking on the antivirus issue? The last link in that stackexchange’s OP which is this

    Well paulwpxp after your last suggestion I did try checking on the antivirus issue for the first time hoping this would end up being the answer Unfortunately it did not work. At one point I turned off the firewall when that didn’t work I turned the antivirus off altogether and as I stated, that didn’t work either.

    One thing for sure is the lack of those 2 lines of Source Code on my laptop is the cause of the problem. That the code itself refers to the on and off switch to the missing tabs.

    Why WordPress is not seeing the code when on this laptop is still a mystery.

    Solution Found! Using a USB Tether from Phone To Laptop was the problem, Using Wifi instead was my solution.

    paulwpxp thanks for your efforts I figured out what the problem is I had been tethering the internet from my phone to my laptop with a USB Cable as soon I connected the laptop to the Wifi signal coming from the phone everything worked. I had been doing this for over a year now that is why it affected my previous Website as well. Apparently, the USB tether connection was not letting all the data to be read properly by the laptop.

    I’m happy to have found the reason for this problem I’ve had for over a year now and able to post this on the Forum so if anyone else is having a similar problem they have the one more thing to check as a Possible Solution.

    @vtrav, thanks for the update! This is new to me too. I can’t believe tethering could be the issue, it might have something to do with latency (I guess).

    Anyway, congratulation! you got it figured finally 🙂

    @vtrav BINGO!

    I remember reading about this last year when I had this problem with tethering on my laptop. Out of 6 websites, 2 would give me this issue…

    I new my USB cable was getting old so I ordered one from Amazon and the “TABS” worked like normal.

    A few months ago this USB cable started giving me problems and the “missing” tabs on those 2 websites started up again…lol

    I unplugged it and used my phone’s wifi (after reading this) and it worked again… So I’ll get a new/better USB cable and in the meantime, I’ll just turn on wifi when posting on those websites which takes only 5-10 minutes since I edit in Google Docs first.

    The strange thing is… When I turned my wifi off and plugged the USB cable back in… The TABS are showing even after I refresh or leave the post and come back…

    Thanks for posting this and reminding me about this wierd issue…

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