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  • the visual rich editor was re-writing some code i was copying from paypal for donations to be made via a website.

    it was removing some code completely and therefore making the link null.

    i went to options -> writing and un-ticked ‘Users should use the visual rich editor by default’ but this did not work. it still kept using the visual rich editor and re-writing my code! only after two days of hunting did i find on here:

    the line:
    Tab to the Users page, uncheck the “Use the visual rich editor when writing� checkbox, and update your profile.

    this is not intuitive. the option is all the way down at the bottom of the user-page.

    what additionally doesn’t make sense is unticking the feature in ‘options’ then removes the visual rich editor in Opera, but not in Firefox. how does that work? a bug in the browser? not likely.

    there option to untick the editor is confusing, it’s in two places, works in one, not in the other, sometimes in both, sometimes only in one. it needs to be modified.

    nick normal

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