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  • I’m trying to figure out why the WYSIWYG editor introduces (or leaves in) an extra <em> tag every now and then. More specifically, the extra tag is actually an <em />, rather than an <em>, although plain old <em> is what the editor is producing the rest of the time.

    Things to note:

    • The site is running WP 2.0.7
    • The person doing the posting definitely doesn’t go near the HTML editor
    • She does accidentally italicize a lot of her images while (presumably) cutting and pasting her way to new posts. I don’t think wrapping an <img> in <em></em> tags should hurt, but this might be relevant.

    The latest incident involved a post, but about a week ago we had some errant tag turn up when she edited a preexisting page. I think it was a <div> or </div> (or possibly <div />) but I didn’t make a note. If memory serves, however, it was some flavor of div, but when I messed around in the WYSIWYG editor, I couldn’t get it to do anything that would involve div tags, period.

    Anyone else run into anything like this?

    By the way, where can I find the version history on the latest releases (so I could see if this is a known bug that’s already been addressed)?


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  • Wouldn’t surprise me. TinyMCE is known for doing stuff like that.

    I don’t think there would be specific updates listed here for the editor. Best bet would be to search for Tinymce, find their website and see if they have a tracking system. I’m on a single window dumb terminal so I can’t do that for you.

    The trac’ing system for wordpress is here though in case you want to see it:

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