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  1. Vincent
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I have been reading recently complaints that the buttons and graphics have been disappearing from the VRE - Visual Rich Editor - in WordPress. There are appears to be a common string amongst the users - that they use Firefox!

    Yesterday I installed a plug-in for Firefox that disables scripting by option on a page - it's a security plug-in that is quite popular. The plug-in is NoScript or earlier - that a user can control and stop scripts from executing on a web page. I used it and found it to be too much hassle having to permission each page and I turned it off.

    I went to write a post and noticed that all my icons and editing tools had disappeared from the VRE. This happened on a couple of my blogs. I started a process of elimination and then realised the culprit was the No-Script Firefox Plug-In. I had to remove it entirely, once I did this - the icons reappeared and is now working again.

    I suggest users with this problem check their settings to ensure the following:

    Visual Rich Editor is checked
    In Firefox JavaScript is enabled.
    Check recent extensions to make sure none disable scripting or can be reconfigured

    This should work ā€“ if not ā€“ Iā€™m out of ideas.

  2. satoridork
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Thank you Sonet! You are a diamond geezer! This tip has ended at least 1 hour's searching through these support forums!
    All sorted now, but slightly anxious about malicious scripts.
    I'll toggle NoScript on and off in FF while posting to WP.

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