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  • Not being a Mac user I got caught out when a user on my blog wasn’t seeing the Visual Rich Editor. I even patiently wrote a How To (with pictures) on how to activate it …

    Have subsequently learnt it’s a bug in Safari. Searching through the forums before this gem of info came to the fore, quite a few posts on this topic had input from users saying what worked for them and what didn’t.

    Could I ask all Mac users who use the Visual Rich Editor to please give some feedback here on what browser they’re using and its version? Do you use the built in WordPress version or a plugin?

    Any other info you think is relevant here is appreciated.

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  • As far as I know, Safari has yet to be supported for the Rich Text Editor, because as you noted it does not work or comply with the necessities needed to run it. I can report success running it with either FireFox or Camino for Mac OS X. I’m sure the WP folks would like it to work with Safari but I believe they are waiting for the Safari (or WebKit) guys to get on the ball and fix the problems.

    Ditto on the Safari thing however it does work fine in Flock browser aswell.

    Thks for the feedback.

    From this post the following work:
    FireFox – Mac OS X
    Camino – Mac OS X

    From other posts in the forum:

    One post said to ensure Firefox had javascript enabled – I guess that would be the case for all browsers. Anyone use IE … ?

    Had feedback from one of my blog authors regarding his experience of this issue:

    ‘I am using ‘Tiger’ Mac OS 10.4.7 the latest operating system with my PowerPC G4 Macintosh computer; and have installed these browsers:

    Camino v1.0.2 for Mac OS X– Displays both types of Toolbar … ‘Visual Rich’ when selected in Profile, and the original when de-selected.
    Firefox v1.5.0.4 for Mac OS X- Does not display any Toolbar … Neither ‘Visual Rich’ when selected, nor the original when de-selected!
    Internet Explorer v5.2.3 (for Mac) – Does not display ‘Visual Rich’ when selected in Profile, but displays the original toolbar when de-selected.
    Opera v9.00 for Mac OS X – Displays both types of Toolbar … “Visual Rich’ when selected in Profile, and the original when de-selected.
    Safari v2.0.4(419.3) the Macintosh Browser – Does not display ‘Visual Rich’ when selected in Profile, but displays the original toolbar when de-selected.’

    All the following tests are under Mac OS 10.4.7

    Firefox works fine with the visual rich.
    Safari 2.0.4 Does not work
    Shiira 1.2.2 Does not work
    Camino 1.0 Works just fine
    Opera 8.5.2 Works ok!

    Thks for the feedback blogtackular.

    Can you confirm if this is valid: For Firefox to work JavaScript must be enabled (Tools – Options – Content – Enable JavaScript).

    When you say ‘Opera works ok’ – does that mean it does, but not as good as the other browsers?

    I just mean that Opera works the same… sorry!
    And yes, Javascript needs to be enabled in Firefox

    safari is specifically disabled in the code as I recall reading elsewhere, because it’s javascript isn’t quite there, and actual crashes of the browser have resulted when attempting to use the visual editor. Having said that, I believe people have hacked it to work, and it seems fine most of the time to them. All I wanted to convey is that by design, safari support is disabled.

    it works in pretty much any other mac browser.

    Thks for the info 🙂

    I think the visual editor is awful in wp no matter what browser, it adds too many line breaks < br and </p automatically, thinking of disabling and just coding the dam page manually. Are there any other options other than the default editor ?

    The Visual Rich Editor is working with OmniWeb 5.5.1 beta1.

    …well apart from the ‘Link’ buttons – oops!

    wysiwyg editor seems to be working just fine with the new Webkit nightlies when spoofed to (say) Mozilla 🙂

    I’m using Camino 1.0.4 & WP 2.1.2 & the visual editor doesn’t show. Has anyone else had the problem?


    I dont get the rich editor to work with Firefox 2 on my mac. I have enabled the editor in the user options but still no joy.

    Should I stop trying?

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