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  • The last high you ever need!
    Visual Grammar is a amalgamation of words and sights. A thoughtful play of words, it will be the last high that you need. Insightful, informative and definitely worth reading, it is the perfect place to visit, enjoy and chill.

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  • Possibly a typo in the link here.

    Sort of ironic typo 😛
    The content of the site is nice enough (though I don’t get the visual grammar reference?), but you should change the design, methinks… the default WP layout is, to put it bluntly, fugly… 😐

    its been edited.
    Sorry for the typo.
    Is it still in the default layout?
    Ooh, i set it to be some other CSS style already.
    will look into it.

    Yeah, the style sheet you’ve imported in your index.php is wp-styles/wp-default/style.css – I presume your own tweaked style sheet is another one, perhaps?

    You will want to change the degree character to an entity in weather.php. Look for something similar to (and change to):
    <span class=’weather_info’>”.$wxInfo[‘TEMP_F’].”°F</span>

    hmm, i will look into it.
    Think eventually i will just stick to one style. Currently, the style-switcher is so that viewers can switch to something they like.
    Thanks Beel for the instructions…
    Same to you too Oisin.
    Keep the suggestions coming, you are really helping me.

    you’re killing my eyes with that orange on purple and white on blue … contrast is nice, but it is possible to have too much contrast.

    hmm, what style are you talking about?
    All styles are courtesy of Alex King’s style competition
    Thanks for your input though.
    Will bear that in mind when i design my own style.
    Keep it coming, folks.
    Much appreciated

    Humm…. don’t I feel dumb now that I scrolled further down and found a whole list of styles… :S

    Sorry, that was me just now…
    forgot to login…
    Anyway, it means that its not prominent enough, the styles…

    I have taken away the choice of styles for the viewers already.
    there is now a Wiki page.
    Come help create the greatest story ever told.

    Sadly the joy that one might feel in helping to create the greatest story ever told is being blunted, badly, by serious deficiencies in the CSS positioning on the above site. As is very common with WP styles from the AlexK, and their variants; the site menu overruns the footer by a mile. I know you are a good enough programmer to manage plain criticism. Good luck. You are a Brit right?

    I’ll work on it…
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Me? I’m no Brit. I’m Singaporean!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Singapore … Britain …. That’s close enough 😉

    Well, the world is now a global village and distance is relative nowadays. So i guess we can just call ourselves citizens of the world. =P

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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