[Visual Forms Builder Pro] Emails not displaying correctly (Forms are "cut off") (1 post)

  1. slickorange
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I am using Visual Forms Builder Pro (Latest version..)

    I have searched everywhere for help but nobody seems to have the same issue...

    When using HTML emails my emails are "cut off" in other words, not all fields are being displayed. It is almost as if the form is placed in a fixed height div with overflow hidden...

    This happens in both the free and Pro version, only in the pro version less fields are displayed because of the header image taking up space.

    When I use the text only email I can see all fields, so I know they are being submitted...

    Help would be appreciated! (I cant find a forum for VFB, if there is one, please point me in the right direction. Thanks!)

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