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    Getting this dreaded error. Have the pro version, is there a way to disable it and spam check using some other method (you made it clear you don’t like captcha, but many of us use it)?

    I can’t tell if any of my plugins have caching (none are explicitly set to do that), and the theme I am using appears to be using latest JQUERY (though admittedly the error goes away if I use the WP Default theme). BUT if I do switch to the default theme, it validates and accepts the form entries, there is no error, but no email is sent either (the Entry is accepted but only logged into the database). Likely a second issue.

    Struggled with this and the limits on the logic employed for multiple Conditional Fields most of the day (and I am a fair object oriented programmer)… but I am stumped on what to do about the Nonce error as the theme is unlikely to be updated and too complex for me to update.

    Any ideas? (Since it is a paid Pro version, I was hoping for a more direct form of support.)

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    I’ve been meaning for quite a while to add the DONOTCACHEPAGE constant to VFB’s form output. This will force any caching plugins to ignore that page for caching. I can add this to the next update and see if it fixes your issue.

    However, seeing as how this might be your theme, I’m not sure how much good that will do. I’d double check to see if you are actually running a caching plugin such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

    Thanks you for a quick response.

    No, no caching plugins are installed. The Theme (Peekaboo) is a bit outdated but has had no significant issues with plugins thrown at it (and the default WP theme allows your plugin to work, so it’s not the other plugins).

    It’s a shame because I do like the straightforward simplicity of implementation of Visual Form Builder over other available solutions and would start to use it in other WP sites.

    But it does seem like whatever causes this “nonce error” is a pretty common occurrence amongst VFB users. Unfortunately I do not understand the nonce error or caching enough to know how to troubleshoot it myself, so it may be easier just to move on to a different Form solution.

    [The other thing that may need addressing is the way the Conditional logic of “Any” and “All” works in the context of only one test filter that is a radio button. With only one radio button test filter, you would think that a condition satisfying ANY or ALL would trigger a True response, but in fact if using only ONE radio button filter as a conditional test, you have to select ANY in order to get the logic to work. It took me hours and a very careful reading of your help doc in order to figure that out, and I have fair object oriented programming skills. Just sayin.]

    thank you again for your help and the terrific plugin.

    As a Pro owner, the other thing I can’t find is how to remove the security check (to perhaps take away this error). How is that done?

    Thank you!

    I was able to make the “nonce” error go away by making this change in the code and the submitted records get put properly into the database BUT whether it works completely is still unclear as I am having problems with receiving the email outputs.

    // Allow the default action to be hooked into
    	$action = apply_filters( 'vfb_form_action', '', $form_id );
    	$output .= '<div class="visual-form-builder-container"><form id="' . $form->form_key . '" class="visual-form-builder' . $label_alignment . '" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="' . $action . '">
    				<input type="hidden" name="form_id" value="' . $form->form_id . '" />';
    //	$output .= wp_nonce_field( 'visual-form-builder-nonce', '_wpnonce', false, false );
    $output .= wp_nonce_field( 'visual-form-builder-nonce', '_wpnonce');

    Quick update: Emailed confirmations ARE going through, they’re just problematic. One of my servers doesn’t like the HTML format.

    And there is something odd about how the emailed confirmations are being sent. They both have headers that say From:

    As far as I can tell so far “wordpress” is a non-existant user / email in my default WP set-up, AND I have set Form Builder Pro to use a different From address (but it’s not being used).

    So close to a cure…..!

    But otherwise, the little code change above appears to make the nonce error go away fro my theme. I believe the same change needs to be made to the form-preview.php file as well.

    Update: The “” is a non-issue, and intended behaviour – there are other issues with the server mailed confirmations.

    After testing for a couple days, Email confirmation sending continues to be inconsistent in our case and we can’t establish why, so we have put this Plugin “on hold” until it is sorted out.

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