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  • If you use visual form builder, add this to the scripts to ignore or else you’ll get a 500 internal server error on one of your minified requests:


    Just a tip.

    I also feel it wise to not minify or concatenate jquery, but serve it from a CDN. It’s less bandwidth to you, it’s likely to load from cache, the CDN is going to be faster than your shit, and it gets around the request limit between client X and server Y.

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    props to Hal for the solution.

    you have to add jquery-core to the scripts to not minify jQuery. You want to do this is you start seeing “jQuery is not defined” errors.

    Plugin Author Khang Minh


    Actually you don’t need to ignore any script, just replace WordPress’s default scripts with a CDN one, using wp_deregister_script and wp_register_script.

    Also can you try version 1.3.0 beta, available here: ?

    Using 1.3.0 you probably don’t have to ignore vfb-ckeditor. An internal server error is most of the time due to a Minify string that is too long.

    The issue with VFB wasn’t due to request length. Just trying to minify that file caused the error.

    Your tip about using a CDN jQuery works if the theme you’re using includes jQuery and jQuery dependencies correctly. If not or if the user does not want to touch code, my solution provides a workaround that other users have also found helpful.

    I’ll try the beta soon and get back to you.

    Just a follow up … I take back my comment about adding jquery-core. You only need to do this when you have another plugin which is improperly adding scripts without citing jQuery as a dependency (*cough* Revolution Slider), which is bad form to begin with.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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