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    I’m confused with a problem with my visual editor tab that I can get working…

    I first disabled the current theme, and activated the basic 2015 theme, and checked the visual tab in the page editor, and it still was not working.

    Then I disabled all plugins in phpmyadmin. And checked a page’s visual editor tab, and it would not load the tab either. I reenabled all plugins again.

    Then I reinstalled the latest version of WordPress, checked and still nothing.

    So what could be causing this visual tab from not working.

    I’m getting this error: Uncaught ReferenceError: tinymce is not defined

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  • Try

    define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);

    in wp-config.php.

    And use dev tools in your browser to see if the file is being loaded. See Firefox (or Firebug) or Chrome or Safari or IE

    And also check to be sure a security plugin did not leave an .htaccess file in wp-includes which will prevent access to that file wp-includes/js/tinymce/tiny_mce.js

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    My brother Mark,

    Thank you… Found an .htaccess file in the wp-includes folder, upon removing it, the visual tab works again.

    Glad that worked.

    Just removed .htaccess from wp-includes visual editor is working fine now . thanks

    Dear Mark Ratledge,

    Hope you are doing Great!!

    I was facing same issue and get it resolved as per your guidelines, Great Thanks Mark Sir.

    Rahul Jain

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    Hi. Where do I find the wp-includes folder? (I’m not very tech).

    Hi all. I have the same issue. There was a .htaccess file in my includes folder, which i deleted. However, the issue persists. Any other suggestions?

    Same issue. Tried rolling back theme to previous version that worked, rolling back Plugin, deactivating plugins, etc. – nothing worked. There isn’t a stray .htaccess file. The only error I could find is shown in the screenshot.

    Further investigation. “Use Saved Venue:”, “Use Saved Organizer:” and the other links in the admin area do NOT work. So basically everything is broken and I get that same error with each element inspection.

    Any suggestions you can make to get things working again are welcome.

    Screenshot of error

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    No visual editor in showing in WordPress 4.8 with Black StudioTinyMice/advanced just HTML is shown.
    How to see visual editor showing all features like font, color, paragraph, alinement etc?

    Andrew Nevins


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    Please open a new thread about that:

    This topic is 8 months old and refers to an older version of WordPress.

    This thread is kinda old, but I figured I’d add what worked for me. In my case, tinymce wasn’t loading because it was being blocked by an htaccess file in the wp-includes folder (placed there by the Sucuri website security plugin.) If I deleted that htaccess file, the visual tab editor was restored. I didn’t want to leave the folder vulnerable, so I left the htaccess file as-is, but instead tried deactivating and reactivating the Sucuri plugin. In worked. No further issues and the visual tab is now working.

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    Thank you, Mark

    Finally it worked. I just deleted .htaccess file and recreate a new .htaccess file.

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