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  • Hello! I use WordPress on a lot of sites, and I’m really hoping there’s a way around this problem.

    Whenever I switch to the Visual Editor, it strips out half my code and adds (or removes) very weird spaces.

    It’s very simple code, too – things like ‘target=”paypal”‘ for the paypal buttons one of my clients uses. That’s an important piece of coding. It’s incredibly frustrating to have it disappear any time I go to the Visual Editor.

    Is there a way to work around this problem? I’d hate to simply have to not use the Visual Editor ever again, as it’s very helpful for positioning elements.

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    Sorry but if you insist on using the Visual Editor, you have to accept that it will have unpredictable results on your markup & CSS. HTML markup belongs in the HTML tab.

    Thanks for your reply!

    I understand that to some extent. It’s just a shame because it makes WordPress less user-friendly. It means that my clients – who barely know HTML – can’t do things like paste their paypal buttons into the post, then return to the WYSIWYG editor to complete making the page.

    Something to hope for in the future!

    try your luck with

    I forget what all it allows, but it definitely gets rid of some of the annoyances

    Yes, I just spent about 30 minutes formatting a post, and after submitting it, Poof everything is gone, this is perhaps Evil, and what makes it even worse is that by default if you load up the post, in view format and then click html, Poof, its gone again, is there not some kind of better editor than the two cylinder thing that comes standard, I mean wordpress has really come along way, but this crazy formatting issue is just too much, there must be a better way.

    Foliopress WYSIWYG seems like a nice choice, anyone know of any other solutions to the FUBAR of what comes standard here

    As a designer I setup my client with nice pages and nice html code expecting the client to be able to mod text and images in the visual mode but yep, it breaks my html. Not good.

    I sort of wanted to have a look at being able to toggle different editors, since some editors work better when your trying to format text and others work better for creating tables and images, also some plugins work only with the default editor, (buttons and such) I noticed that there is an entirely new line of editors being introduced at various email clients, yahoo beta, has an interesting tool bar.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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