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    Something odd happened and I’m not sure what caused it or exactly when it happened since I’m usually editing in the HTML Text tab, but it looks like Visual mode has stopped working in my post editor. Has anybody else here seen this and know how to fix this?

    I looked the error up and I tried all the tricks mentioned (disable all plugins, set to default them, add define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false ); to wp-config.php, checked web paths, etc.,) but I still can’t use the Post editor in visual mode in Inkblot.

    To be clear, this only occurs in the two comics sub-sites where I’m using Inkblot (I’m using Bitnami WP Multisite.) The primary site uses a theme called Awaken Pro, and the Visual post editor is working fine there. If I change the webcomic sub-sites from Inkblot to 2016 theme, the Visual editor works fine. It’s only when I switch back to Inkblot, that the Visual editor becomes broken again.

    Guess I’ll try a clean install of WP and Inkbloth just to see if this wasn’t always happening here and I just didn’t notice till now.

    If anybody has helpful information about this, please respond.



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  • And yes, Disable Visual Editor is turned off for both sub-sites.

    A little bit more info: I restored an early version of the multisite that was practically brand new and Visual Editor in Webcomic/Inkblot is working fine with that installation. (I was pretty sure it was workign before so I guess I’m not going crazy…yet.) 🙂

    I’m’ still not sure what’s messing up the current install though. I’m hoping that it’s just a replaceable file that got corrupted.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.

    Okay, found my answer in this earlier thread:

    What finally worked for me was the last suggestion in that thread which instructed the user to comment out line 174 in Inkblot’s functions.php like this:

    /** add_editor_style(get_stylesheet_uri()); */

    The original instructions on GitHub from Michael can be found here:

    Hope this info is helpful to other new Webcomic users.


    I’m marking this issue resolved.

    Okay, NOW I’m marking this issue resolved. 🙂

    Actually, it’s still not quite right. Commenting out the line of code does make the Visual Post Editor functional again but it’s not really displaying the text in it’s proper font and styles. You can see this whenever you refresh the page–for a brief moment, the Editor will look the way it’s supposed to with sharper type, to and then it will change to a plainer, somewhat harder to read sans serif type.

    This problem is not nearly super critical like it was before but something still needs fixing.

    If anybody has further recommendations, please respond. Thanks!


    Here’s what it looks like:

    View post on

    The upper image is what it should look like normally. When the screen is refreshened, it looks like this for about half a second, then something takes over and makes it look like the second image.

    I don’t think the code edit that fixes the broken paragraph problem causes this–I think this is a separate issue entirely.

    It doesn’t appear to affect functionality but because it isn’t normal, it makes me wonder if it’s not an indication of a more serious problem.

    BTW, this is only happening in Inkblot; if I switch to another theme, the screen looks like the correct first image and persists. I’m going to try disabling plugins again though I really only have a very small set installed and I don’t think that’s the issue.

    Will post again if I have any new information.


    Okay, after further testing, I’m concluding that the Visual Post Editor must be working correctly. I changed the site font to a really obvious font (Smokem) and the Editor clearly switched to that font.

    I think what threw me off is that the Visual Post Editor wasn’t accurately drawing the font I chose for the site. The font looks thinner in the Visual Editor than it does on the website but I believe Visual Editor is actually showing the correct font. (Well, it’s trying to anyway.)

    This obviously isn’t a Inkblot or Webcomic issue so I’m marking this topic RESOLVED…again. 🙂


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