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  • When I write a post and view/publish, WordPress is repeating parts of my paragraphs and I dont know why! I revert to HTML editor view and see there is no visible repetition. I dont know what to do???

    Here is an example, please can someone suggest a bug fix??


    Please can someone help? Thanks!

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  • Hi there,

    I can’t help you but I can confirm repetitive text in WordPress.

    It looks impossible to include images here so I uploaded the screenshots to my personal webpage:

    1. Visual editor
    2. HTML editor
    3. Published by WordPress

    (I’ll remove the screenshots if this issue is solved or remains untouched for a long time).

    I’ve underlined the repetitive text in the “Published by WordPress” screenshot.

    My “workaround” is, as you can see in the screenshots, notify the reader that I’m aware of the double text.


    Patrick Mackaaij

    Hello there,

    As requested in ticket 9107 I switched themes. This did not help. Then I turned off all plugins and voila! So this is a plugin issue.

    I activated plugins then and refreshed after each one. After enabling “Google Analytics for WordPress” the double text appeared. After activating all plugins and just de-activating “Google Analytics for WordPress” the words are ok so I’m pretty sure this plugin causes the problem and notified the author of this plugin about this topic and ticket 9107 (which may have caused a dupe since they’re using the same system I noticed).

    Thanks for your reproduction efforts!


    Patrick Mackaaij

    Hey, could you show me the source of that page that has the duplicate links? Could indeed be a bug in how Google Analytics for WordPress parses links…

    Good evening Joost,

    The screenshots are still available at my site as mentioned above. I reproduced the incident two months later using these.

    You can also see some repetitive text on this page. Also, the outgoing link to is messed up 🙁

    Thanks for looking into this,

    Patrick Mackaaij

    Hi there Patrick & Joost,

    Patrick, I just discovered the same problem on my site. It’s because you’re using a relative link in the anchor tag.

    So, replace href=”/myFolder/myPage” with href=”http://mysite/myFolder/myPage”. 😉


    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for posting this work around.

    I do hope the issue will get fixed one day because:
    1. I prefer relative links so you can rename your site without the hassle of changing all the links inside. Although I hope to stick with the current name of course 😉
    2. If this issue is fixed nobody will have to search for hours to find this topic.

    For the moment I will use your work around of course!


    Patrick Mackaaij

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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