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    Althought I’ve selected the latest version of WordPress above, I have been encountering this error for a while. The first instance I had was when, on one particular page on one of my sites, most of the content of a page was completely removed, leaving only one paragraph, every time I saved it. The only way I could get it to hang on to all the content was to use the HTML editor. That’s the only instance I’ve had of stuff disappearing. Far more common now is at the bottom of a post or page in the Visual Editor, a random part of the existing text appears. I delete it, update it and it’s back again. So far, I haven’t been able to find any common denominator that is always present when this happens. It doesn’t happen in every page or post on every site, but it is happening across all the sites that I work on. They all use customised themes that I have created either from scratch or using the HTML5-Reset theme, although that latter one is only on two sites.
    Sometimes, the random text is just a closing </p> tag, sometimes it’s a block of text, but as far as I can see, it is usually a copy of something that is already within the content.

    Has anyone else experienced this at all?

    Thanks for any input…

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  • I am still encountering this problem on a regular basis across all the WordPress sites that I develop and maintain. Has anyone else come across it at all?

    I have just been updating a table in a Page in the HTML Editor and as soon as I click the Update button the following text was added after my closing table tag:

    Dis /td Y s=”calendartable other” /tdS /td /td/td/td/tdlass=”calendartable” YQ le grey”ble yellow” ble other” yellow”/tdS yellow”/td/tr e other”5th – 8th ortsmouth /tdrtable red”/td td class=”calendartable other”td class=”calendartable grey” /tdtd class=”calendartable other”YQtd class=”calendartable title” colspan=”2″

    Just so you don’t feel all alone, I have the same problem. WordPress taking chunks of my page text and randomly adding them to the bottom of the page. Very annoying behavior.

    I suspect it has to do with WordPress’ bug about adding <p> tags around everything. I find that WordPress grabs code it wants to rewrite and pastes chunks of it at the bottom. If I recode including <p> tags where you don’t necessarily need them, it doesn’t paste the random code at the bottom.

    I’ve been meaning to update this post. What browser do you work in melriks? I’ve found that the problem only seems to occur in Opera, where I have been doing most of my development lately. Now working in Chrome and the problem hasn’t reared it’s head yet.

    i have this problem too (Opera 12, linux 12). Its been getting steadily worse for a year. Now its almost unusable. I find it also does it in Expression Engine.

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