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    When adding a link in the visual editor, the pop-up is either blank or a browser dialog interrupts and asks how to handle the “link.htm” file. In my case, this was caused by some htaccess mods associated with w3totalcache.

    w3 total cache has some htaccess rules which may be optionally added to help with compression, caching, and headers. One of these lines is :

    # BEGIN Define Mime Types (in case /etc/mime.types is poorly configured or incorrect)
    AddType text/htm                                                .htm

    Removing the second line solved the problem. Unsure of whether this was a bug/feature, or whether this htaccess line could still be helpful. Can anyone explain this further?

    Similar to various other past problems previously solved by installing tinymce-advanced plugin ( ).

    w3tcache w3 total cache
    htaccess htm addtype
    visual editor
    insert/edit insert edit link
    “you have chosen to open”
    download save as

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  • I’m not clear on what the issue actually is here. The additional rules you mention are idealistic and do require judicious use.

    I’m getting the same issue. When I try to insert a link in an article I get a popup about HTML. I suspect its something to do with the contents of my .htaccess file after I added the additional info from the W3 ini htaccess.

    Can either of you submit a bug submission report from the support tab of the plugin so I can see exactly what it is that’s going on?

    Same problem here. Tried deleting the MIME type call, but that did nothing.

    edelen, can you submit a bug submission report then?

    For what it’s worth, I have the link.htm file that pops up and the inability to insert links using Tiny MCE using the development version (uploaded July 16) with WP 3.0. Any suggestions as to what to disable in the development version check boxes to see if it fixes the problem?

    @wardas, make sure to use the latest development release.

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