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    I just updated to 3.9 and my visual editor is not working. When I click the tab for visual editor, it only adds a few <p> tags. Nothing else changes. Furthermore, the tab (for visual editor) doesn’t highlight. I’ve tried re-installing the version (3.9) but that doesn’t work.

    I am using the Avada theme and my site is:
    Please let me know what could be causing this issue.

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  • The problem is in Tynimce editor that does not work after 3.9. The solution is to serach another editor. Tha author recommend use WP edit, I’m going to test it!

    Quite a few plugins have had issues with the new TinyMCE 4.0 that was released with WordPress 3.9.

    Some plugin devs have released newer versions that fix the issues. Look through your plugin’s changelog. If you don’t see anything there, deactivating all plugins, then reactivating one at a time is a good place to start.

    I know the File Gallery plugin ( was one of the culprits. But the developer released a fix in version 1.7.9. Just update to that version (or later) and you should get the visual editor back… assuming you don’t have any other plugins that are conflicting.

    I had/have the same problem as lots of people. My wordpress theme was not working with the new update 3.9. The visual editor was not working at all. I’ve contacted the company that made the theme to see if they have an update. BUT in the meantime, I downgraded back to WP 3.8.9. Everything on my site works now.

    SO, this might be a good solution for some people if their theme is the problem and does not have an upgrade or fix. Heres the link i used to help me through the VERY easy process of downgrading WP. good luck!

    Did you check under your user setting that “Disable the visual editor when writing” check box is unchecked?

    (that was a lot of checks)

    go to your user profile and uncheck “Disable the visual editor when writing”

    The funny thing is that the toolbar and the visual editor works fine on my MacBook Pro but not on my PC.

    On my PC the toolbar has changed dramatically and I can’t see the Visual or Text Box but I can see everything on the Mac.

    Please explain.

    Also, the ability to scroll up and down on the PC and Mac through the sidebar comes and goes. I can key up and down but I can’t use the sidebar tool.

    The site is (the first federal government podcasting site).

    Thanks, Len.

    Could we imagine in the next release of WordPress, we shall have a fix ?
    For my part, i have several WP sites with only the code in html and the visual editor stoped to work since release 3.9.x !
    it’s a shame to rollback to release 3.8.x !

    There is nothing wrong with the editor in WordPress 3.9.1

    Also, this topic has been resolved, so please post your own topics if you require assistance.

    There IS a problem with 3.9.1. It doesn’t work on our PC’s but works on our MacBook’s.

    My very experienced WordPress-based IT department solved it by loading a new graphic package but there is definitely something wrong that needs to be addressed as an update.

    Please bring this to the attention of Mat.

    Thanks, Len.

    To me it was the “Next Scripts” latest update that destroyed the editor, now its fixed.

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