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    I have 3 WordPress websites, but only one that auto-updated. On that site, the Visual Editor tab cannot be selected. I can only use the Text Editor tab.

    I have attempted many of the troubleshooting suggestions in these forums: read the master list, assured the “Deactivate Visual Editor” setting is deselected, deactivated all plugins, switched themes, and even manually reinstalled the upgrade.

    Nothing is working to allow me to select the Visual Editor. I would love to have my quick formatting buttons back!! I know basic html coding, but really hate using it.

    I don’t want to leave WordPress over this bug, but is no longer user friendly until this glitch is fixed. Please help!

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  • this is the same for me – mine auto upgraded too – I figured it wouldnt cause any problems

    After upgrading to WP 3.5, my visual editor does not work for chrome or firefox but does work with IE.
    This is very frustrating because I don’t use IE (will now until this gets fixed) but happy that I have a workaround.

    After upgrading to WP 3.5, my visual editor does not work for chrome or firefox but does work with IE.

    If one browser works while another doesn’t, then the site isn’t the problem, the browser is.

    Clear the browser cache and cookies, restart the browser, and clear it again. Make double sure it’s loading all the files and essentially “starting fresh”. Then it should work.

    Clearing the cache in Chrome worked for me 🙂

    You guys are awesome. Thank you so much! I use Firefox. When I tested it in IE, the Visual Editor was there. So I cleared the cache in Firefox, and boom – it’s there too. You have made my day!!

    My site did an auto update to 3.5 as well. Unfortunately, the visual editor was not working in any browser. I cleared the cache for each browser, closed it and reopened but this did not fix the problem. I am using a child theme with a Twenty Eleven parent theme.

    Any other suggestions? Should I reinstall 3.5?

    Same problem here. No Visual Editor in 3.5.Works on some of my other 3.5 installs, but not this one. Even with all plugins off, default 2012 theme and cleared cache.

    @ventrilqustman – please do not post in multiple threads – start your own if you need help.

    WPyogi please focus on the problem.

    I posted similarly on two threads to share with both that I was having the same problem. The problems seem virtually identical on them and there are “many” threads on this same problem. There is no need for me to start another unless I learn something different.

    Best, Gav

    Posting so I can hear the answer & follow the thread. This is our problem too it sounds like. If it winds up not being, I will start another thread.

    What’s odd is a literally have another install with the same plugins, settings etc and the VE works.

    I keep thinking Java issue but clearing cache did not change a thing and neither did another browser. I also tried come if the changes suggested on various threads to wp-config with no luck.

    Just a few FYI’s. Please share if you find anything else.

    There is no need for me to start another unless I learn something different.

    Actually, there is a need for you to start your own thread, because:

    a) Just because you have the same “symptoms” doesn’t mean you have the same problem. The symptoms, in this case, will be much the same regardless of the issue because all potential problems lead to the same outcome. When javascript gets broken in the browser, for any reason, then you will have the same basic problems such as the menus or widgets not working, the visual editor not being displayed, etc.

    b) The rules of this forum state that if you have a problem, start a new thread about it. That’s how we manage issues around here. It makes things easier for everybody and you don’t end up causing the forums to send spurious emails to people who made a thread and then subscribed to it for updates.

    Start your own thread, please. Your future “me too” posts in other people’s threads will be deleted.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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