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  • My visual editor tab is not working on two WP installations. I can see the Visual and HTML tabs but only the HTML tab / pane is active. I can’t switch to the Visual tab.

    The first time I tried to edit a post the editor was on the Visual tab but the pane was blank except for some red underlines for misspelled words. I switched to the HTML tab to see what was happening and now I can’t get back to Visual tab.

    I’ve deactivated all plugins and switched to the twentyeleven theme, with no plugins activated. No difference.

    Not sure what else to do. Suggestions?

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  • I’m having the same issue after upgrading to ver3.3 (upgrading both code and database). After switching from the Visual tab within the post editor to the HTML tab, I can no longer switch back to the visual tab.

    I’ll try the above recommendations and let you all know if I find anything that works.

    I’m having the same problem. I don’t have any caching plugins. I tried flushing, I deactivated the plugins I do have, I switched to Twenty Eleven, and I tried two different browsers (Firefox and Safari). No joy.
    Any other suggestions?

    This one worked for me …THANKS @robthecomputerguy AND member kitllc

    “the ‘use Google Libraries’ plugin restored the visual editor” THANKS @robthecomputerguy

    I was able to fix the problem by using the following recommendations mentioned above:

    1. Install “use Google Libraries” plugin.
    2. Activate “Twenty Eleven” Theme.
    3. Clear browser cache.
    4. try the tabs, and everything worked.
    5. Switch back to my usual theme, everything still worked!

    I hope this helps.


    YESSSS! That process worked for me.

    Thanks! Worked for me too.

    Me three!


    Doesn’t work for me using Safari. As I mentioned in another thread, I can toggle between visual and html using Firefox.
    Under Safari I now have a completely blank page for visual, and it won’t toggle to html.

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    David, let’s keep that in your other thread please :

    It’s extra work to answer the same person in multiple places.

    This was resolved for the OP, so I’m flagging it resolved.

    FYI–If you are using the Jetpack plug-in, upgrade to the latest version. Worked for me.

    How is this resolved? I don’t see an solution here. Anyway, I tried all of the above with the Google plug-in and of course it didn’t work for me.

    However, when I log in to Safari and try editing from there my visual editor tab is fully functional and present, but not in Firefox.

    What gives?

    I resolved this after my upgrade from wordpress 3.0 to 3.3

    1. Clicked on Plugins

    2. Clicked on Add New

    3. Entered the term Use Google Libraries then click on Search

    4. It was the first one in the list, click Install Now

    5. Entered my server information as required

    6. After installation, clicked Active Plugin

    7. Went to edit a post and still not working, so pressed F5

    Now looks like everything is working ok!!!

    I wish they would stop marking these RESOLVED, the issue is not resolved. I’ve done clean installs and the Visual editor still fails every time with brand new installations, no plugins and default theme.


    I agree, definitely not resolved. Just did the automatic upgrade to 3.3 using the “WordPress Automatic Upgrade” plugin, and the Visual tab on a post showed no post content and no toolbar.

    After installing the “Use Google Libraries” plugin (see howelljs’s post above) it’s all working again, but the problem comes back when the plugin is deactivated.

    After trawling this forum for ages looking for an answer, I found one via my hosting provider 123Reg and it worked for me. I doubt it will solve all problems, but I’m sharing just in case.

    1. In your WP admin, go to Settings – > General
    2. Delete any colons in the URL for your site except the one that should be in the usual address. e.g. I had to change “http://website:/home” to “http://website/home”
    3. Log back into wordpress when it kicks you out.
    4. Visual editor should be working.

    Please note, I had also disabled all plugins, installed the google libraries and changed the theme to no success. By the time this solution worked for me, I had my plugins and theme back on with just the addition of the Google library plugin.

    Good luck to others.

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