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  • The visual editor has suddenly disappeared, the contents of the pages and posts are not visible, it is blank, it must be underlined so that it can be seen.

    What I’ve done:
    renamed the plugins and themes folder
    reinstall wordpress several times
    change php version in cpnel
    use the definition (‘ CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false); in config. php
    enable and disable “Disable visual editor when typing” in the user profile
    create a new user
    I did a wordpress downgrade.

    none of this has worked, I have also noticed that if I create a new user , the password is not generated and not validated, which may be related to it.
    The website itself works from the outside, everything looks good, it happens only when you try to edit the posts.

    in Another wordpress in my same host is happening the same thing, php version is 5.6 but I tried even with 7.2

    I hope you can help me.

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  • Hello, it seems that you tried pretty much everything possible to overcome the issue and to no avail by the looks of it.

    But, if there are 2 sites on the same host that suddenly do that, I would first get in touch the the hosting company as well just in case there’s something going on at their end.

    Also I would recommend ( as I didn’t see it in the above ) to try from a different browser that doesn’t have any extensions at all. You can for example try with Chrome in Incognito mode or just disable all of the extensions. It is known that many extensions + ad blockers etc fiddle with the pages JavaScript and visuals in general and might cause problems.

    You can also check the developers console to see if there are any errors coming up. For Chrome / Firefox / Edge you can press ctrl + shift + i to open up the developer’s tools and look at the console for any error messages.

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