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  1. saladgoat
    Posted 3 years ago #

    When using the Visual Editor, I can change the text colour. I can change words in a sentence and even letters in a word. But if I try to change the colour of anything that is BOLD, nothing happens. It either reverts to grey or doesn't change at all.

    Here's the catch: If I click the Preview button, the changes are made. The colours show up in the Preview, but not in the Visual Editor.

    If I un-bold the text, it will show in the Visual Editor as the colour it should be. And if I re-bold the text, it will stay that colour. It just won't start out like that.

    I am using Martin theme and I see it has its own Visual Editor stylesheet. I am also using a child theme. I have deleted the Visual Editor stylesheet, but the problem remains.

    Any ideas?


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