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    This was started after my host which uses cPanel did an auto upgrade to 3.5.

    First of all – I did the troubleshooting steps plus more!

    I tested multiple browsers, all the “Twenty” themes back to ten, deactivated all plugins, refreshed the plugin directory, added debug mode, cleared my browser cache/cookies, turned off the visual editor in my user settings

    No luck. No cigar. I am pretty sure this is officially a bug that you guys will need to revise. Especially considering the large number of posts, yeah I think that’s pretty safe to say. For some reason the mods keep wanting us to post our own version of the same bug.

    Firefox error log is showing a lot of “declaration dropped” warnings in load-styles.php, some kind of box errors, and yeah this is beyond me.

    This is the actual error I found:
    Timestamp: 12/30/2012 12:50:20 AM
    Error: TypeError: is undefined
    Source File:
    Line: 1061

    `‘.wp-editor-wrap’), ‘mousedown’, function(e){

    What? I don’t know how to define it then? Looks like a Javascript conflict yet again to me. So do you know the appropriate way to get this in its own domain so it doesn’t conflict?

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  • Having a similar problem, the editor bar is there, and so is the visual tab, but the visual tab isn’t selectable.

    Yep… this is becoming a HUGE problem.

    The problem isn’t replicable either. Seems to choose were it wants wordpress to suck.

    How long before someone can help here? This is causing serious problems. No, I can’t afford to pay someone but can’t someone spare a second to actually answer this? What did you guys change in 3.5 that could have made this happen?

    Never mind, I just overwrote the WP-Admin and WP-Includes folders and it fixed my problem. Hope that helps with you Viz!

    We’re good! Mine self healed, lol! PAWTEH TYME!

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