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  • Hi;

    I made a custom theme for a wordpress blog to make it look like an existing, static, web site.

    I’m in the process of copying the content over.

    The Visual Editor, the tab on the editing window for WYSIWYG editing has a powerful, helpful feature. If I select content on the old site and paste it into the visual editor it will carry over the HTML formatting, links, pictures etc. Brilliant!

    The only problem I am having is that once I hit “save” the font size shrinks in Visual Editor. The other formatting routine is retained.

    In my theme I was setting font size, so I successfully disabled that. It didn’t help with the problem. Once I save, I lose the font sizes.

    To make sure it was not my custom theme, I switched themes in the blog to the “wordpress classic” theme. I got the same problem. When I hit “update” in the visual editor I lost the font sizes.

    Any idea what this is about and what I might do about it?

    Thanks in advance

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  • I have learned more about this issue. I have also found a workaround. I am posting what I learned here to help people with a similar problem in the future. It is also my hope someone at WordPress sees this and decides to switch to another editor software plugin in WordPress.

    The default editor in WordPress is from a 3rd party package called the TinyMCE editor.

    I noticed that the font sizes from pasted HTML also shrank if I switched tabs from the “Visual Editor” ( TinyMCE ) to the HTML editor and back.

    For example, this was an original line of HTML code I pasted into the TinyMCE editor:

    <font face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" size="5" color="ffff99">
    <b>WHO WE ARE</b>

    This is what the TinyMCE editor did to it when I switched tabs or saved:

    <span style="font-family: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;
    color: #ffff99;
    font-size: large;">
    WHO WE ARE</strong>

    I noticed that the CSS Style box in the TinyMCE only had font sizes go down to “9” and the pasted code had “5”. I’m guessing it did not what to do about that and since it couldn’t make the font “5” it just resized it to “large”, which had the effect of shrinking the font.

    I found a plugin called “CKeditor” which is also a WYSIWYG editor, also allows me to copy and paste directly off of a web page which will save me work transfering content from the old site to the blog I made and it doesn’t redo the HTML tags so the font sizes aren’t getting clobbered.

    I hope this helps someone else and spares them having to invest their time doing the troubleshooting I did.

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