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    The visual editor toolbar is missing on 2 different WP sites on 2 different servers, one of them is I am the only user and the disable visual editor is Unchecked, meaning it should be visible. Makes editing very hard.

    I find this happening a lot on multiple sites I manage.

    I am using Safari and Lion on a Mac. Do not have ad blockers installed.

    Any help appreciated.

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  • which toolbar ? all of them ? I am sorry I must ask such a trivial question – but you do know that the last button (left) on the first toolbar will “open” the second one ?
    Also – do you use custom themes / plugins that might have disabled the mce ?

    THis isn’t a toolbar issue but a Tabs issue of HTML and Visual tabs, which are missing. Plus there is no option button to open the second row of buttons.

    ok.. in your original question you asked about “toolbars” and not the “html, visual” tabs .

    in that case :
    Users > admin > edit
    Make sure the ‘disable visual editor when writing’ box isn’t ticked.

    Users > Your Profile
    Again, make sure the ‘disable visual editor when writing’ box isn’t ticked.

    you should check those values in BOTH places to make sure for all users.

    If still no-go , you will need to revert to default theme, disable all plugins, and check where is the culprit .

    (and BTW – the button to open the second toolbar is THIS ONE.

    Okay, but there is no Users > admin >
    It goes to Users> and I am the only one there and am also the admin
    The ONLY place I can find that check box in in Users> My Profile. When I go to Users> and see my name and click on it the checkbox is not in that area. It goes to My Public Profile.

    I have NO plugins enabled in the site and it is a standard theme from WP. I cannot enable plugins in

    Me too, I was use with 2 servers on different provider but i have the same problem. However when I was check on localhost that good.


    I have the same problem, no more visual editor. Using WP 3.4.1 on several servers and several blogs. Firefox latest version on MAC. After the latest update of WP, Visual Editor is gone. Box under My Profile is unchecked. Using the standard theme. Nothing was changed in terms of plugins. No idea…

    I read somewhere the JS folder in the wp-admin folder could be missing and should be uploaded again by FTP. Anybody has an idea about this?

    Problem solved! Simply install plugin “Use Google Libraries”. JS folders were not missing, so that is not the problem.

    My problem appears to be related to anti-phishing or filtering settings using Virus barrier… Turn them off and the visual editor reappears.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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