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  • Greetings…I’ve read through the master list…..and done the selective plugin deactivate and am not getting any closer to the issue…

    I’m using a custom theme…I’m developing the theme, and this was not a problem two days ago…..the only thing I think could be at issue is some relationship between Black Studio tinymce text widget and the new 3.5 tiny mce….here’s the issue:

    my visual editor resizes to a height of 5000px on it’s own…I can resize it by dragging the resize handle back up…but it won’t stick…on a page refresh after an update of the particular post or page…same for both pages and posts…it goes back to a height of 5000px…no matter what I do….I had thought it might be some issue related to the Black Studio TinyMCE widget …but subsequent deactivations did not ultimately get the control back to remebering it’s height correctly…I’m pretty sure the issue is with the Tiny MCE update that is in 3.5 but I’m not finding out what’s up and I cannot repeatedly replicate the problem so I’m not any closer than this to the problem.

    Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards, Fred Shequine

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  • Further, I tested in Chrome latest and Firefox latest on os x Lion….

    Update: it’s the Black Studio tinymce text widget plugin…if left deactivated and I replace it’s purpose with the basic default text widget…no problems….I’ve posted my problem in the plugin author’s support channel……but I’d imagine it could still be an issue that higher ups might want to know about…..the plugin author claims to have updated his plugin to meet the new 3.5 tinymce changes…but something is amiss..under certain circumstances….

    I’ll leave it to support staff whether you wanna kick this on up the chain….

    Best, Fred

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