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  • Is anyone else having an issue with the visual editor in WP 2.5?

    When I attempt to insert an image or a link, the dialog window pops up but it’s blank — no place to insert links or other info, just a blank square.

    Not sure if this is a setting (doubtful) and I don’t think it’s a browser issue.

    Any help or suggestions is appreciated.


    – nina

    Edit: In HTML mode the dialog boxes function.

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  • Just installed 2.5 and I can’t see the WYSISYG Visual Editor icons, i.e. bold, italic, add image, etc.

    Though I tried to deactivate plugins and reactivate them, but it did not work.

    How solving this issue?

    @ elfreakz
    i tried deactivating and activating the plugins – didn’t work
    i tried using Safari – didn’t work
    i tried changing the chmods (sp lol?) – didn’t work
    i tried re-installing EVERYTHING etc – didn’t work

    grrrr i don’t use the Rich Editor, but it still bothers me that it doesn’t work. Another thing is… when I go to type my entry, you CAN NOT read what i’m typing. the font color is white…


    I just upgraded and had the same problems with FireFox, blank popups when adding links and images. Clearing the cache helped, I got the popups functioning again.

    “maybe this help =>

    Thank you for the tip, but it didn’t work for me.

    …and all of the above are errors new to 2.5.

    No, they’re not. Lots of people had similar problems with 2.3, 2.2, and 2.1. Essentially, it’s some kind of issue with your browser or installation. Why? Well, two reasons… a) it works fine for me in Firefox and b) it’s always some kind of server problem. Usually it’s because the webserver doesn’t much like ajax calls for some reason.

    Sorry, I should have said “…and all of the above are errors new to 2.5 for me, I’ve been using WordPress for 18 months now and have never had this problem” šŸ™‚

    So… is there a formal mechanism for reporting these as bugs such that they get fixed? The “you the user are the problem” Jedi Mind Trick just doesn’t cut it with me, I’ve been around too long šŸ™‚

    Every other application that makes AJAX calls seems to be working OK today, including some others in WP2.5. Next excuse? šŸ™‚

    Cheers, Andrew

    Here’s my situation:
    I can’t get the visual editor to work, all I see are the HTML tag buttons that would normally be there if I had the visual editor turned off. I do see two tabs that should allow me to switch between Visual and HTML; the default is Visual, so it’s highlighted but like I said, I only see HTML buttons.

    I’ve tried reinstalling WP 2x. I’ve deactivated my plugins, cleared the cache, deleted and reinstalled TinyMCE.

    Any suggestions or common problems?

    @ Niksterg11
    i don’t see any buttons whatsoever! >.<;;;

    I have the same problem..

    Under Users, “Your profile” check the box in Visual Editor to enable it.

    tried that twice. it wasn’t unchecked to begin with, so it shouldn’t be happening.


    I am rolling back to 2.3.3 until this is resolved.

    Better is the enemy of good….

    When I run WP 2.5 local on my machine with WAMP, the editor works fine. An exact copy (WP and database) runs on my webhost and there tinymce is broken.

    So it could be some kind of server issue. None of the above solutions worked for me…

    BTW the last time I fixed this it was a gzip setting in tinyMCE in the tiny_mce_gzip.php file. The problem is that this file is now empty in 2.5.

    Just curious, do the people having this problem have gzip compresion turned on using ob_gzhandler for php? On the site I am having this problem with we have this turned on. The site that does not use the php gzip does not have this issue.

    here’s what my php.ini says:
    ; You can redirect all of the output of your scripts to a function. For
    ; example, if you set output_handler to “ob_gzhandler”, output will be
    ; transparently compressed for browsers that support gzip or deflate encoding.
    ; Setting an output handler automatically turns on output buffering.
    output_handler =

    I don’t think anything is turned on.

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