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  • I am using Colorway theme on my website. I can no longer using the visual editor to edit pages and posts as it is not available to me. The only option available is the text editor. The button for the visual editor is still there but when you press on it, nothing happens. Please help me fix this issue.

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  • WPyogi


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    Have you tried deactivating all your plugins and switching to the default theme – to try to identify what’s causing the problem?

    If that works, switch back to the theme, check if it works, then activate the plugins one by one to see which one is troublesome.

    you try setup your site again, can some error has occurred.

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    Hiya Jenny,

    WPyogi’s advice above is good – though I know it’s frustrating to think about turning everything off and then back on again.

    This error sounds like a javascript conflict. That’s normally the result of a wayward plugin or theme so deactivating them each one at a time should help you find which one is the culprit.

    Another useful tool would be one like firebug, which allows you to spot errors that are loaded on the page and give hints as to what the root cause is. There’s a great writeup on Firebug here:

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

    deactivated all the plug-ins and still don’t see the visual editor. will try to switch to default theme to see if i can see the visual editor again. thanks for the feedback. will let you know if i have success

    still no success. activated another theme and still could not see the visual editor. all widgets were deactivated. any other suggestions?

    Oy, that’s a lotta work for it to still not be showing 🙁

    Is it possible the visual editor is disabled on your user profile? Log in, then go to Admin->Users->Your Profile and see if the box is checked for ‘Disable the visual editor when writing’.

    If it IS, then you should uncheck that box. If it is not, well, you may need to look at reinstalling WordPress. You’d want to login via ftp and overwrite everything except your wp-contents folder and wp-config.php file to do that.

    Unfortunately, it is not checked. wish it was that easy. hate to have to re-install WordPress. Don’t want to lose my content and customization. how do you login via ftp?

    Argh, well, it was worth a shot.

    Here’s some instructions on manually updating WordPress. It’s not too scary if you take it one step at a time:

    The important thing to remember is that all of your content and customizations are either in the database (which is separate) or in the wp-content folder. Keep those the same and you won’t lose anything.

    If you’re not sure about how to access FTP you’ll need to contact your web host. Here’s some info on FTP and WordPress:

    Hope this helps. Good luck to ya!

    I tried everything under the web sun and this is what finally worked for me.

    Try creating a new user with admin privileges and log out and log back in as the new admin.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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