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  • I noticed you guys are working on the WP 2.3.2 beta, so I am very concerned if you guys are fixing the “Broken Visual Editor” bug. There are several people with this bug – me included on 2 word press I run.

    Here is all the info you guys might need:

    I really hope you guys can fix this, as I can’t survive without the advanced visual editor, and the possibility to switch from the advance and code tab on the fly while posting. I am going thru hell with the crap simple editor (activated by turning the visual off on the profile).


    You guys rock, and WP is the best blog ever made!

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  • Do you use Firefox and the NoScript extension? It disables javascript by default. Try adding your site as an exception if this is the case.

    Same story here. I’ve tried everything. There’s a multitude of posts on this subject. Nothing works though and most are unresolved. When I went to bed last night, I had a visual editor, today.. nothing and the ‘Code’ tab is there, but doesn’t work. I can remove the ‘use visual editor’ and do everything the hard and crappy way, but isn’t there a main file that controls the visual editor that I could try replacing?

    I’ve tried deactivating plugins one by one and that didn’t work. Same results in Firefox for me, as well.

    We found the solution guys, its the SERVER problem, you must work around with your Server Admin, to see what is going on with:

    Server and Gzip compression, that is the sole problem if all the other suggestions from this forum don’t work.

    Okay.. I have the same problem and I also talked and worked with my hosting company / server admin. This is not a problem of the Server or Gzip compression as related to my hosting. It is as far as I can tell an unresolved bug that needs to be addressed

    I am willing to wait, but only for so long.

    I don’t know if this is exactly the right place, but it should also be added that the visual editor adds codes to posts that make the results of visual posts and html posts different. Specifically, in a UTF-8 blog, it adds in UTF characters. This isn’t a problem directly for the blog, but on the RSS feed, the post is again reposted in UTF-8 format, which means that those characters double up, resulting in a bunch of accented A characters and other junk when the posts are syndicated.

    The output and encoding of the visual editor should always match the output of the direct html editor, at least in character set.

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