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    Upgrading to WordPress 2.8 (from 2.7+) i have lost the visual editor. No visual icons are showing and it is impossible to write in the edit box.

    My wordpress dashboard is a mix of french and english language since version 2.5. I never had problem before version 2.8.

    What can be wrong?
    Any idea???

    THANKS to help me.

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  • My blog is 100% english and I’ve got the same problem! When I type in the edit box, or when writing a new post — everything is white. I have to highlight the text to see it.

    I actually just fixed it.

    Go to Tools>Upgrade and Re-Upgrade. Fixed it for me.

    It doesn’t work in Firefox, but does in Chrome.

    I too lost the visual editor. I tried oneandsix trick but no success. Anybody know serious solution for this

    Same for me here. Visual Editor is dead on Firefox 3. It is OK using Chrome. In fact, the whole WordPress is best and faster using Chrome. And with Chrome, i have recovered the flash image uploader gone on Firefox.

    If it works in one browser try refreshing the other.. Works ok in all browsers here, from IE6 to Firefox 3.5-nightly.

    YES – OK – Visual Editor finally came back under Firefox. Everything is nice now. RESOLVED FOR ME. Thanks.

    these is two option visual and html while going to write new post. I found every tools in html option but there is no any tool in visual. I check in firefox, chrome, and flock.

    its now ok for me too………………..

    I guess this is it. Resolved.

    i lost the visual editor in WP 2.8 with FF 3.0.10

    Me too..
    How to solve?
    Browser: FF 3.0.10

    I have also lost the visual editor in wp 2.8 with firefox… first appears as a blank screen (which is very alarming!) then appears as copy of html version

    I see some refs above to this being resolved, but can’t see suggestions as to what to do?

    Edit:- The Error Came back after re opening the editor 🙁 will continue to search for a fix before downgrading i think. I seem to have intermittent errors when i follow the below “gears” details but not sure now.

    I too have just encountered I feel i have a little more to add.

    I had above mentioned problem tried refresh page, turn off super cache, open in IE8, FF3.10 both with no visual editor buttons.

    I then went to the Turbo Gears setting page located in the Tools ==> tools section i had too different but confirming encounters here.

    In Linux apache2 based web server the gears section did a rescan with out any real need to do anything numbers were in the red and auto scanned. I then went to edit a post and my buttons were back.

    In a Windows IIS based site the gears section did not want to auto scan for me so i had to go to the tools menu in the browser i was in and disable gears i then went to edit a post and again the buttons were back. i then went back to the gears setting and enabled it again with no problems.

    I study web design and regularly have problems with caching i hope this helps one person if anyone else can confirm or deny this would be great. Thanks!..
    Press on lol

    The problem was Google Gears!
    Remove your site from Google Gears’ settings and it works!

    Actually, that’s not the case I’m not using Google Gears and the Visual Editor doesn’t work. But the FCK Plugin works fine.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 77 total)
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