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    Another little problem I’m running into. Though the Visual Editor now works, it’s buggy for me. My flow: add image code on the html side (I use Flickr as my source). Flip to visual and add captions. However, suddenly, when I place the curser after the image and hit return to make space for a caption, nothing happens. On the visual side, nothing happens. On the html side, the code for a non-breaking space is placed. ( )

    At first, I’d hit return a couple of times, thinking I’d just missed or something. But no change visually. When I saved the draft, suddenly, there was a blank line for each of the non-breaking space codes I’d inadvertently put into the html. This didn’t used to happen. Anybody have any idea why it MIGHT be happening?

    Once I save the draft, I can insert a curser between the images and type in text. On the html side, after I do this, the non-breaking code simply disappears. It’s WEIRD. And I don’t like it. I have to save the draft after every image then save – or save each time I want to see a space – it’s just stupid.

    Is there a way for me to replace my TinyMCE with a fresh version? This is really putting a little cramp in my style. It’s not impossible for me to insert the image codes and then plant an html break code between each one. But it’s a pain. I just don’t understand where this non-breaking code came from??? I’ve had a blog since 2007 and I’ve never seen one of these stuck into my html before.

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  • Wow. Please accept my apologies for any impatience I’ve felt in the past – I can’t believe how many issues have gone up in the last hour.

    I need to add here that my son’s 3.2.1 site also has this return problem. The return simply doesn’t function correctly after an image.

    Again – we’re on Mac, running Snow Leopard. Server is PHP 5 capable. WP 3.2.1 Problem showed up after upgrade. Plug-ins de-activated. Widgets all emptied.

    Okay – this problem is really driving me nuts.

    I wish somebody could go here: and take a look at what I’m talking about. It doesn’t seem like a major problem – but it’s in the coding somehow. We’re reproducing it in several sites, some related, some discrete.
    We have also done a video of the problem:

    The question is: what would make the return key (so simple a key) suddenly start inserting html non breaking line codes instead of doing its universally expected job? And it ONLY does this when the cursor is placed just after an image code link. The behavior seems bizarre. Not many people may notice it, but I work in image heavy blog articles, and it’s danged inconvenient. And did NOT start till I updated to 3.2.1

    I’d really appreciate it if some very smart person would just take a look???

    I am inserting code I get from the share in Flickr. But if we try to insert from Picasso, we get a different bizarre behavior. When I lift a URL from my own images file, things seem to work – I get a line break and a cursor, but I still get the nonbreaking line code – until I actually type on the line. When I type, the nonbreaking line code disappears.

    I’m experiencing this exact same problem.



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    My flow: add image code on the html side (I use Flickr as my source). Flip to visual and add captions.

    Don’t switch editing tabs. Pick a tab and stick to it. Flicking back & forth will wreck markup (an unfortunate side effect of TinyMCE).

    The problem is that I can’t insert this code on the visual side. And I have to see the shots to write the captions. So I’m stuck.

    I’ve been doing it this way for years quite happily – until last week when we upgraded. Maybe just dumb luck I haven’t had trouble before, then.

    I know you don’t have time to answer this, esmi – dang. I want to learn. But how does the mark-up change? I mean what happens to it? By mark-up, you mean the html code? I wish I knew more.

    Oh, and thank you for reading this. I can see that you’ve been on for hours trying to help people with much worse trouble.



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    But how does the mark-up change?

    TinyMCE strips out most HTML markup. It’s simply the way it works. So, if you add code via the HTML tab and then switch to the Visual, there’s a good chance that TinyMCE will strip most the HTML you added previously.

    Some people have reported getting around this by using one of the TinyMCE extra or WYSIWYG plugins but I’ve not tried them myself, so I’m not in a position to recommend one.

    Okay. Good. Inconvenient, but good. I think I’ve even seen this happen a couple of times. And worked around it by saving the draft before I switched tabs. Thank you. Every tiny bit of understanding helps. I LOVE code. LOVE it. But it’s not my focus, so it’s hard to corral everything and keep it understood. thank you again.



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    No problem 🙂

    im experiencing this problem but not because im switching tabs .. it seems that if i have a blank post (editor content) the Visual Editor refuses to show the cursor jump to the next line on pressing “Return” after any anchor has been added. once the post is updated with some content, the number of times i tried hitting the return key will show up as new paragraphs and the cursor/return key regain their normal behavior.

    i noticed this before after entering some images and brushed it off as a random inconvenience, but now i realize those pics must’ve had had anchors on them. am pretty sure it’s an actual bug, too, as i tested a couple older versions of WordPress installs and found no issue. i also tried deactivating all plugins (the only one installed, ironically, is TinyMCE Advanced) and i tried deleting my functions file (figured worth a shot since i have some random TinyMCE related functions in there), both to no avail.

    this is REALLY annoying and i’d like to know if there’s a fix somewhere..

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