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  • Hi,

    So I solved the Visual Editor problem in IE 9 – and only IE 9, ugh! using compatibility mode after none of the following worked on a Windows 7 System:

    (The load-scripts.php?load=jquery has displayed text every time.)

    Upgraded really, really old Java.
    I installed Silverlight.
    I ran IE with minimal security and protected mode off.
    I cleared caches.
    Flash was up to date.
    No security software, ad blockers.

    And poof, click “compatibility mode” and it works. What about compatibility mode would get this working again?

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  • Did you try renaming the plugins folder to plugins-old?

    I know it’s a stupid thing to try, but if it’s a plugin, some just do not disconnect right.

    I didn’t try that, but I had switched the theme to 2011 and turned off all the plugins at one point with no improvement.

    I’m willing to try that, but I don’t understand the connection to compatibility mode (because I really don’t know why compatibility mode would let something appear that previously was being hidden…?)

    Do we need to review all of our J-Query plugins for a problem? He had lightbox2 running, and deactivating that didn’t do anything… I’ve had jquery conflicts with lightbox2 before…

    So nobody else with this problem can fix it with compatibility mode in IE9?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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