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  • How can I enable and use the Visual Editor in 2.7?

    I’ve set VE in the user profile but any post I create only shows the basic HTML edit button set and I cannot see any way to obtain the advanced or HTML editing buttons. The HTML tab is grayed out and if I click the Visual tab all editing tabs dissapear and my text dissapears. Clicking HTML or Visual tabs after that does nothing.

    Using Firefox 3.0.4 on Windoze xp…

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  • I was able to regain the Visual Editor by disabling the Kimili Flash plugin – per notes in this discussion:

    I was having the same problems and I tried almost everything I could find in these forums. I finally went to TiniyMCE website – the developers of the editor – and downloaded their latest release. Uploaded the files into ‘wp-includes/js/tinymce’ and it worked just fine.

    Great, I finally found a fix thanks to this post to my 2.7.1 blank Visual Editor problem, still I can only see a very basic editor (only the very basic functions like bold, italic, underline undo and order list) no advance mode for font color ect.. any thoughs? Anyone?
    Will keep searching…

    Fixing the wordpress back to his own folder (my installation was placed on the root of my site) and I had the entire editor back to normal.
    Wonder why the installtion is actually claimed by the Authors to be possible even outside the wordpress folder as the most important feautures like image placing and visual editor won’t work unless a workaround is provided.

    I recently installed WordPress 2.7 to my site and am a completely new user to WordPress. I was amazed that it did not come with a user-friendly visual editor, but rather required everyone to know HTML. When I went searching for a plugin I was surprised that WordPress does actually come with one called TinyMCE. But it has never worked in my fresh installation.

    When trying to edit a file, the window says I am in the Visual tab, but it is an HTML editor. The HTML tab is not click-able.

    I have searched and searched for an answer as to how to get TinyMCE to work for me but have not found a solution that works…or at least, not one that I understand. I tried the one offered here…to download the files from and then I replaced the old files in /wp-includes/js/tinymce folder with the new files and FTP’d them to my site. After clearing out the cache again and reloading the site…nothing changed.

    I have also seen responses to this problem telling me I just need to turn on or activate TinyMCE in the Settings. Most suggest this is in the “Writing” section of the settings. However, I cannot find a single thing anywhere in the settings that relates to a visual editor or TinyMCE.

    I have also tried deactivating the only plugin I have at the moment, Akismet 2.2.3, emtying my cache and refreshing the screen but this did not help either.

    Some have suggested that code needs to be fixed or modified but, like the results above, the files they say to modify just do not seem to exist. I have found a section in the post.php file located in the “/wp-admin/includes” folder starting on line 1107 that says it will “Adds the TinyMCE editor used on the Write and Edit screens.” If I need to modify something here I am not sure what I need to do.’

    I have tried opening up my blog site in both Firefox 3.0.8 and also IE 7.0.6001.1800 64-bit edition but neither work. I have tried using both Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit as well as Windows XP SP3.

    Any suggestions?



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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