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  • visual edit is not writable, html edit is writable?
    whenever I write or edit a page or post I only have the html to work with

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  • Yah … so did you go to your dashboard, settings, and select “use the visual editor”?

    thanks for the reply,but I do not see anything in
    dashboard/settings, to enable this option!
    could I ask you to be more specific,

    This will probably depend on what version of WP you run. I prefer a somewhat older version.
    Dashboard/users/find your name, click Edit/Your profile, and at the top personal options. Click “use visual editor. save and close, refresh.

    Again thanks for that reply,
    But having checked your directive I found the “activate visual” already checked!
    I unchecked and re-checked,saved and refreshed…..all to no avail
    still no visual editor available
    ..I am running on w-p 2.6(and do not fancy attempting the upgrade)
    Not sure that the “page”in visual edit is actually “landing fully”
    as the indicator on the head of the page tag is rotating continually

    All help appreciated from all w-p volunteer’s

    I have been checking through things,
    cannot find anything amiss
    the html edit is fine but still no use in visual??

    Hi I have the same problem only when I click the visual tab the line of buttons above the box disappear and the text goes white (if I click hold and drag across the text area I see the text). Also the HTML tab does nothing.

    Any body got the answer

    I’ve solved my problem I installed FireFox Browser works fine now

    Same problem with Firefox 3.0.11, WP 2.8.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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