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  • I recently upgraded to the newest 2.1 version and now, in FF, hardly any of the visual editor buttons show. That includes AdSense Deluxe.

    In IE, everything shows except AdSense Deluxe.

    How can I get it back???


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  • Clear out your browser cache and cookies and try again. If you upgraded, it’s probably finding the older one in your browser cache and it’s causing a conflict.

    Hope this helps,

    Thank you! I’m not sure what worked: that or disabling a plugin but everything seems fine now.


    I have a similiar problem: Almost all editor buttons gone after upgrading to wordpress 2.1.0 (using konqueror).

    Emptying browser cache and cookies did not help.



    I reloaded the page the new editor showed up, before that NOTHING was working and I was wondering why they would design such a suck-fest! Now it’s looking good!

    Happened to me too.
    You need to go in your user profile options and enable again the visual editor.

    None of this helps for me (2.3.1). The visual editor does not work and the entire field of buttons like blockquote, italics, etc is gone.

    After saving a draft, there is a plain blue text link that says preview, located inside the post text window itself, in the upper right corner. Part of the text is sticking outside of the box and it does not look right.

    Hmm. Can somebody tell me what those italics-, b-quote, and so on-buttons are called so that I know what term to search for?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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