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  • TLCJohn


    Hi there All,

    Clients are getting confused, between Visual and Text. Text, they assume is it labeled is TEXT and then they try to add images etc. Could this tab not be changed to Code or HTML?

    Thanks for reading.

    Kind regards

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  • catacaustic


    It was HTML a coupel of versions ago, and it got changed to ‘Text’. It was done like that because it’s not purely HTML that goes in that tab, but it is only text-based so you can’t see images. The ‘Visual’ tab is where you get to see images, so that was left as ‘Visual’. There’s been a lot of people on both sides of the argument so I wouldn’t expect it to be changed back (or to something else) any time soon.

    This sounds like it needs about 20 seconds more client training from you. You just need to make sure that they understand that ‘text’ means just that… only text! I know that there’s a lot of users that will not get this even after multiple times, but in reality if users can’t understand that concept then it’s going to be hard to train them in anything else anyway.

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