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  • My visual and html editor toolbars are missing. I pretty new to WordPress and unsure as to why it has suddenly vanished. I have already tried; deactivating all plugins, changing theme to default, tried in multiple browsers safari firefox and chrome and deleted browser and cookie history and made sure the checkbox wasn’t checked in the user profile.

    I really need the visual and html toolbar back, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • This is just a rule of thumb impression, based on problems I experienced over a year ago. If you create a new user with the same admin (assuming it is admin, of course) rights, from within the blog admin, and then log off, and re-log as this new user, do you still have the problem ?
    If not, then something got mixed up and broken in your user’s database options, either you debug it by painful phpmyadmin database comparisons between the user profiles, or you switch to the new user.

    If this is something else, I’m sorry, I can’t help.

    Didn’t work but thanks for the reply. Does anyone else have any solutions.

    Thank you Sabinou!

    Sabinou’s fix worked for me.

    I had three brand new WordPress 3.6 installations. There were no plugins, and I tested with both 2013 and 2012 themes. I even re-installed WordPress 3.6.

    No matter what the editor did not show the Visual and Text tabs. And it only showed the Text formatting bar.

    1. Create a new Admin user.

    2. Login as that user.

    3. The Visual and Text tabs appear and work as they should.

    I searched and searched and this doesn’t seem to be a common issue.

    And even after logging in out and back in, the original admin user continues to have the same problem. So I will abandon that user and delete them from the database.

    The original admin user was created using phpMyAdmin so that could be an issue.

    I managed to fix my problem, although it was rather lucky how. The visual and html toolbar was missing and after doing everything I found on various forums, it turned out all I had to do was turn off my virus software. I have no idea why this worked for me but my virus software ‘VirusBarrier X6’ is really good and it even stops me seeing some ads. I only turned it off because I couldn’t play Netflix on my computer with it on and then forgot to turn it off. So if anyone else is having this problem and has this piece of software, this may fix the problem for you.

    Glad it worked for you, AnotherOpus !

    D_Hunter, would it be possible for you to find a way to report this incompatibility to the creators of VirusBarrier X6 ? WordPress being a big fish, I imagine they’d want to fix this problem, once they’re informed…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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