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  • Hello,

    Only the “Visitors” on “Overview” of my page is not displayed.
    All other fields are displayed properly.
    Please let me know if there is a way to fix this.

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  • Plugin Author ice00


    You have to click SQL, then insert the command into the box, then click on execute button.

    Well, check here what I’ve got: Something wrong? Not working….

    Plugin Author ice00


    command executed correctly.

    now see if you see new record in table when visiting the site

    Have visited the site a couple of times. No records.

    Plugin Author ice00


    Supposing that you are not logged into the site, or if logged that newstatpress has option to track logged user, then we must look for other errors.

    You can try to add those line:

    ini_set('display_errors', 1);
    ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

    after line 10

     Author URI:
    ini_set('display_errors', 1);
    ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

    of newstatpress.php on edit plugin.
    This activate all php errors message onto the page.
    So browsing the site you will see on top all error message printed (if there are any).

    Please, remove it after the test, as all people will see eventual errors in visiting your site.

    If there are any erro message ,we can see if there is other problems.

    Plugin Author ice00


    All those errors are from the theme used, not newstatpress.

    As you have only one record inside the wp_statpress table, you should use the Remove table from Tool or delete it from phpmyadmin and let that it will be recreated at next site access.

    This is an operation that erase the collected data, but you already has no data inside the table as we see from the fist phpmyadmin select.

    Maybe the DB size where become too big for the provider resourced (it could be around 3GB with full statpress table completed at last id).

    You can always see the db table size from Information panel of option

    2 hours ago all data been removed > NSP > tools > remove but there is no new data coming…

    please explain, is the problem has to do with the compatibility example
    `Stat Press New Version: 1.3.5 (mine is 1.3.0)
    Last Updated: 5 months ago
    Requires WordPress Version: 3.5 or higher
    Compatible up to: WP 5.6.4
    not compatible to WP 5.7.2
    so what about 1.3.0 is it compatible to my V. 5.7.2

    Plugin Author ice00


    All my systems are with WP 5.7.2 and newstatpress 1.3.5.

    You should use the last newstatpress version as it changes in some points as for WordPress indication to be more secure.

    At this point you should try to disable the other plugins and see if it will works, just to catch a potential plugins issues (then reactivate all)

    Done everything. Unfortunately it’s not working at all. Sad! What do I do?

    Plugin Author ice00



    function nsp_StatAppend() {
    is the function that add statistic in Nestatpress.php

    You should add those:

    echo "OK HERE";

    starting from the beginning before an if statement, for example:

    if(nsp_CheckBanIP($ipAddress) == '') { return ''; }

    you put:

    echo "OK HERE";
    if(nsp_CheckBanIP($ipAddress) == ”) { return ”; }`

    then you browse your site and inside the HTML output uou should find: OK HERE.

    That means that the code is reaching that point.
    Then you put the echo below the if block and see if it appears.
    If it not appears, then that if is what makes it not inserting the data.

    You must move down the echo at each if block until you reach:
    $results = $wpdb->insert(

    that it is the point that is not executed.
    When you find the point that the echo did not print OK HERE, post it so we know where there is the problem


    OK, few questions:

    1 After checking each “if” block should I delete ‘echo “OK HERE”;’before I go to next one or will leave it there until I find the point we are looking for and then I have to restore the file (deleting ‘echo OK HERE’)

    2 Where exactly I have to look for OK HERE. inside the View Page source of the site? If so where is the HTML output – 1 out of 1410 lines (Mozilla) and 1290 (Google Chrome) of HTML Page.

    3 Logged into the site or not, does it matter to browse it or I can use other browser where is not logged in.

    4 I found ‘$results = $wpdb->insert(‘ location. It is on line no 1152…!?

    Plugin Author ice00



    1) you can remove otherwise you will see many
    in the output and you must count the number to see the position.
    In alternative you can put
    echo "POS=1";
    `echo “POS=2”;’
    and so on in every points and after see the last POS=x reached

    2) you probably see it inside the page but the point depend from your theme so maybe it is not easy to see. You need to open as page source (CTRL+U in Firefox) and then search for text OK HERE if it is present

    3) this depend if you have allowed newstatpress to store data of logged user in option. The easy way is to browse it with another browser of not logged people.

    4) yes (It is line 1151 on last version)


    What I’ve done so far. Let me note that OK HERE I found only on line 1 before the

    <!DOCTYPE html> (browser Google Chrome – Web source Page), so see the pictures:

    Here OK HERE appears

    Here OK HERE doesn’t appear

    even if I insert echo “OK HERE”; under or above line 16,120,124,125 down, etc.

    Also there are errors from line 12 to 17 ….

    Plugin Author ice00



    you have to start after the
    function nsp_StatAppend() {
    line 989 (ant to line 1172)
    as this is the routine to investigate.

    Put it else were will gives error depending of the point you insert it

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